Blow Me - Part 1

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DescriptionBlow Me: Part One
How much cock could a cocksucker suck if a cocksucker could suck cock? Well, look no further to find out. Take twenty hard and horny men, cram them into a seedy sex club, unzip their bulging flies, feed their hungry mouths and let the thick streams of semen flow.

This non-stop suck-a-thon was filmed inside West Hollywood's "The Zone" and it’s populated with amateurs and semi-pros alike. The throbbing line-up consists of a nice assortment of different "types" of guys: hairy men; clipped muscle daddies; buff smooth college jock types; scruffy guys with tattoos; a few uncut cockmasters; and even a lean, hairless twinkie boy.

All are sexy and nicely hung (some squeezing through metal or leather cock rings) and each demonstrates extreme cocksucking prowess or an extreme appreciation for the cocksucking prowess of the piggy on his knees. There’s ample ball-sucking, too, but the majority of the film is devoted to a thorough demonstration of the joys of jaw jamming and deep throating.

A Brady Bunch-style master image shows nine throat-fucking sessions onscreen simultaneously, and the guerilla camera keeps track of each sub-group, often capturing the slurping action in radioactive purple-and-red lighting. There are a few out-of-focus moments, but I suppose that's unavoidable, given the low-light conditions. Everyone eventually converges for an oral orgy that leaves several pounded faces glazed with jizz and, no doubt, a really sticky mess for the janitor.

79 minutes of mouth-to-meat hijinxs might seem a bit much, especially for you naughty piglets who might crave some rump-poking after the first few loads are launched, but this is truly a cocksucker's

There are quite a few cock-stiffening highlights worth mentioning:
One particular dude manages to cram two chokingly large shlongs in his mouth at once; we see a double glory-hole penetration, with a willing mouth for the pulsating, criss-crossed offering; there’s a luscious sixty-nine; and the thick man-cream really does come a-spurting, so to speak. Further, there are quite a few guys who get splattered in the face by thick, gushing loads, and others still who are force-fed another guy’s salty smear. I haven’t seen so many near-oral cumshots since the pre-condom era.

Suffice to say, Blow Me Part One more than lives up to its title and should appease those who enjoy non-stop cocktasting. There’s even a cliffhanger of sorts, followed by a teaser peek at the forthcoming Blow Me Part Two. There's no music and it's not particularly well made, but the guerilla-style technique of letting a camera loose in a sex club does have a thrill of spontaneity, however prefabricated it may indeed be.

Remember: this one's strictly a "no-fuck" zone, but this zone is drenched in boy cream.

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