♺ Studio 2000 - Grease Guns 2

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-28 |
Requested hard core version

Drew Andrews, Carl Erik, Steve O'Donnell, Kurt Stefano, Ricky Price, Marc Pierce, Cole Tucker, Peter Wilder, Brad King, Jordan West, Kevin Cobain, Jeff White

Those randy mechanics at Drew Andrews garage are at it again. Marc Pierce tunes up Steve O'Donnell's engine. And did you notice that overexposed O'Donnell, while a cute guy, is getting a bit soft?... 'Course, O'Donnell's dick is hard throughout the the scene, so you gotta love him for that. Pierce briefs has enough foreskin on his dick for two cocks and a butthole that more than welcomes O'Donnell's tongue, fingers and dick. The pair go through four different positions and both shoot good loads-Pierce gives himself a facial!

Kevin Cobain is Peter Wilder's best friend and adorable Ricky Price seems to be enamored with him. Femmy sounding Cobain is the worst at dialogue in the entire film, he's obviously only being employed because of his king-sized dick. Price gets fucked and rimmed by Wilder before giving him a facial. Price then fucks Wilder, who sucks Cobain. Wilder, to his credit, stays rock hard while Pierce, and then Cobain, fuck him. All three men cum twice, with Wilder having the most copious cum shots.

Jeff White drops by Andrews' office, looking for a job. Andrews promises to talk to him after closing time. Meanwhile, Tucker sets up a date with West for later that night.

Soon we're back to Andrews and White, discussing White's capabilities. Now if you have written off big dicked Andrews simply because he is in just about every movie out on the market, give this flick a chance. White and Andrews have chemistry to burn and go at it with such abandon, you soon realize that the pair isn't acting and they are seriously enjoying themselves.

Andrews monster sized dick is put to good use fucking White's pretty ass. But what ends the scene is the real kicker: White tops the normally dominant Andrews. The scene is great: there's rimming, sucking, some acrobatics, fingering, a little foot licking and both men cum twice.

West returns, as promised, for some bodywork with Tucker and King. The three share an oral scene where the cum literally flies everywhere. Then West's ass is up for a major workout. Both Tucker and King take turns rimming him with mucho gusto. Tucker is great at barking orders and is totally into the scene.

Tucker readies the asses of West and King with a bit of lube, provided by (what else) a grease gun. While Tucker works his fingers into their asses, the duo keep themselves busy by sucking the condom covered dildos that will soon make their way into their asses. West takes a dildo the size of a forearm up his ass-how he does it, we'll never know... Ultimately, West gets fucked by King and all three shoot great loads-again.

Stefano shows up at Erik's house, returning his car. A fairly standard scene closes the film. Stefano's ultra hairy hole gets rimmed and fucked by Erik. Stefano's cum shot is nearly non-existent, but Erik produces a decent load.
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