♺ Dirty Tony - America Fucks George Glass (mov)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-15 | Today I've got 2 manly men who are hell bent on going after it like gladiators and I can't wait for the games to begin. Stocky and outgoing America is back and hairy daddy George Glass is ready to get his hands on some big straight meat for my camera. They begin with George yanking America's shorts down and quickly making his throbbing uncut dick disappear into this tight mouth. America can't keep his mouth closed while George throats him and lets him suck his cock even more deeply into his hungry mouth; battering his vocal chords and making his eyes tear up with what I can only assume is joy. All this tight wetness around America's cock really gets him in the mood to fuck some hairy man ass. So he hauls George onto his back and holds his legs in the air while cramming all of his thick uncircumcised cock directly into that fuzzy rose-bud of darkness and begins to pound away like he is nailing railroad ties to the ground. George cries out in ecstasy and gets torn in half as America literally slams into him as hard as he ever has before, looking surprised at his own strength and surprised that George has just shot a fountain of jizz all over his furry treasure trail. Imagine my surprise when George isn't done. He commands that America use his cum as lube and fuck it back inside him. America instantly complies, scooping the thick white load up in his hand and wiping it all over his condom right before shoving it back in George's abused hole. Then he proceeds to fuck the shit out of him. Wearing himself out with George on his back America makes him get on all fours while he mounts from behind and continues pillaging the wrecked rectum like it contains the secret to eternal life. America can only take a little bit more of George's strangling rectal squeeze before the huge load buried deep within his nuts is summoned to the surface as he quickly unloads a quart of goopy junk into George's ravenous mouth. Most of the load squirts right into George's gaping lips. But what doesn't make it in from squirting, gets lapped up. George continues to savor the feast of white pearlescence, slurping at America's foreskin; making sure there is nothing left beneath the blanket of flesh.
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