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Straight surfers Andy and Eddie are BACK offering each other a "helping hand" for the first time in this EXCLUSIVE duo video from Island Studs. These two real-life straight Hawaiian surf buddies agreed to experiment and go "gay for pay" after a sexy fully naked surf session out in public on a popular surf beach. Our cameras capture every awkward moment of this HOT ALL-MALE JO ACTION! Neither guy thought he would be stroking his best friend's cock today IN FRONT of a video camera for us all to see. As they start jerking side by side, I ask them if they want to make more money! "YES!" Andy states confidently looking over at his best friend Eddie. "Yep, I guess so..." Eddie says shyly. Stocky Andy the hot pizza delivery boy with the furry MAN BUTT and hairy cock and balls is NOT shy about grabbing his best friend's rock hard cock and wetting it with his hand full of lube. Look at the expression on Eddie's face as he looks down between his legs to his best friend stroking his boner! Eddie the shy 24 year old California Surfer with the smooth hairless boy body and killer white bubble butt has never had a guy touch his did UNTIL TODAY! Watch as these horny straight surfer boys explore each other's bodies and stroke each other's cocks for the very first time! This video is completely unscripted and contains all the intimate moments of two young boys jerking another boy's cock for the first time! Watch Andy's thick hard dick in Eddie's young hand. Little Eddie's bright red boner throbs as Andy grips his friend's throbber! This young smooth virgin surfer boy loves the attention his straight buddy gives his stick! Look at Eddie's face when he blows his creamy boy juice all over his belly and Andy's jerking hand! Young Eddie then returns the favor and strokes Andy's big cock as Andy 'kicks back' and enjoys the hand job. Finally Andy blows his load high in the air and all over the couch. When I ask them to both stand up so I can photograph their dripping cum covered cocks, Eddie's dick is STILL HARD and throbbing as cum leaks out of it. Ass lovers will love these two sexy boy butts as they shower off all that sticky jizz. Eddie's cock is still fully hard as he takes a HOT SOAPY shower! And his beautiful white bubble butt is fully on display as he cleans in smooth boy hole. Andy's furry man butt gets covered in soap as he digs into his hairy ass cheeks in the shower. Look at his big floppy cock in the hot soapy water! Andy and Eddie are a perfect match and great fun to watch together! We hope to see these two back again surfing naked and waxing their hard boards together again soon! Enjoy!

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