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Military Classified - SLADE - MARINES - ANAL
21 / 5'10" / 150

Slade is someone I'm sure you all remember. He's been in and out of my studios a few times claiming he hasn't been able to find a better cocksucker in Southern California and abruptly asked if he could test drive my ass next. What do you think this horny mother fucker said? This straight stud took a journey today that treaded through grounds he's never experienced in his 21 years and I was his teacher but Slade didn't need a teacher because I instructed him to treat my ass like a pussy and the rest, as they say, is history.     
    Slade was dressed in his Charlies and he looked amazingly hot! I didn't even get his uniform off before I dropped his pants down to his knees and began chomping on his cock that was already half hard when it flopped out. Slade sported a lovely 7 inch unit that stood straight at attention as he stood in a parade rest position. I instructed him to face fuck me which he did without hesitation and knew exactly how to work his cock in my mouth. 
I slipped on the condom and continued to suck his cock and positioned him over by the bench near my bed and that's when I made my move and bent over in front of him and began to take his dick up my ass. With his pants around his ankles, Slade began to slowly drive his cock in my ass and I would feel it expand and get harder driving it further up my ass with every pump Slade delivered.     
    Once Slade relaxed a little he began to go to town on my ass and started fucking just like he was in a straight porn and seemed like he was almost punishing me for not giving him a pussy to fuck. The look on Slade's face was priceless as I could tell that my tight ass was feeling pretty fucking good to him right about now. Slade was fucking with a vengeance now but like a war torn soldier, I knew that I was wearing Slade down now. 
I sat him back down and wanted to finish him off at a better camera angle knowing he would bust hard because of the ass pounding before. I sucked him with a very wet slippery hand and mouth combination that grabbed his attention making him realize he was losing control even more now.     
    As I sucked and jacked him off faster now, he began to get anxious in his seat making sexual and moaning noises almost to the point of desperation as he fought to hold back the inevitable nut that was to follow. Finally Slade whispered "i'm gonna cum" and while jerking up at attention, he forced his load out that only a 21 year old straight boy can do! Another 10 for Rob! 

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