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DescriptionFlash Game by Fek an indie developer.

This version should be the final since he will work on R2ck a 3d version of this flash game whit more stuff.

You are someone who is testing ways to make subjects to reach climax. For that you will have a buch of tools like vibrators, Dildos, even portals ( common sex toy)

The main goal is to complete objectives to unlock more items, but you will need to buy it. how? simply make them reach climax.

Already installed just need to unzip the file and click in the file named rack.exe 


- Can have multiple subjects at same times

- Can use cheat codes to rule this game (not recommended if its your first time playing)

-  Each subjects will have his own personally (what he like and don't like)

- The subjet can be furry, humains, male ,female dickgirls and more

- Have multiple toys with thier own way to use

- Having a lot of original objectives (some challenging)

- Multiple backgrounds (with fx)

Feel free to support him by donation. He did great work !

Added2015-09-05 03:45:53
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