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DescriptionAGE 23 WAIST 32 EYES Blue
HEIGHT 6' WEIGHT 187 lbs HAIR Blond
BUILD Athletic COCK 7.0" Cut SHOE 12

At Corbin Fisher, we pride ourselves on bringing you the types of guys you lust after and imagine having sex with guys, though might never suspect they’d actually do just that - much less while you get to watch.  These are the men we’re often left to fantasize about, and nothing more.  Tom perfectly represents that very type of guy - so masculine, so hot, so confident (and even a bit cocky at times), he’s the ultimate alpha male you know gets any girl he wants, and is the focus of stares wherever he goes; he’s the kind of guy with which, even after all the years we’ve been doing this, we still can’t help but get extremely excited and even giddy over when he decides to give guy/guy action a shot.

It’s fitting that Tom is making the Dean’s List when he is in prime form, physically and sexually.  Leading up to his making the Dean’s List, Tom was working out and hitting the gym like never before and building up his physique to be one of the most impressive ones on the CF roster.  In his action episodes, he showed a newfound enthusiasm and energy and made it apparent he wasn’t content with simply getting in on with other guys - he was going to blow us away, prove himself to be one of our studliest tops and most insatiable bottoms, and show that he can really lead as a Quarterback should.

That Tom has taken things to such new levels says so much about him and how he’s someone we can always count on.  A CF veteran, he’s built up a massive fan base and established himself as a leader among the guys.  Rather than just cruise along, though, Tom stepped it up - he hit the gym like never before, took Freshmen under his wing, and set out to make every single episode he was in overflowing with the most intense sex we could hope for.  While we might have thought Tom was already as hot as could be, he showed us he could be and indeed was even hotter!

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ACM/ACM1143 Aidans Quadruple Load.wmv 271.31 MB
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ACM/ACM1261 - Tom Fucks Alan.mp4 374.55 MB
ACM/ACM1294 Brayden Gets Fucked.mp4 558.27 MB
ACM/ACM1312 Brant Fucks Tom.mp4 576.09 MB
ACM/ACM1346 - Kellan Takes Tom.mp4 581.96 MB
ACM/ACM1355 Clinton Fucks Tom.mp4 675.82 MB
ACM/ACM1407 - Tom Rails Smith.mp4 684.53 MB
ACM/ACM1672 Tom Pumps Colt's Ass.mp4 723.12 MB
ACM/ACM1686 Trey Takes It From Tom.mp4 846.98 MB
ACM/ACM1689 Tom and Quinn Take Turns.mp4 658.62 MB
ACM/ACM1703 - Tom Takes It From Colt.mp4 684.83 MB
ACM/ACM1711 Tom & Harper.mp4 457.91 MB
ACM/ACM1771 Harper and Tom Flip Fuck.mp4 632.79 MB
ACM/ACM1941 Tom Stuffs Josh.mp4 1.01 GB
ACM/ACM1943 Tom & Hugh Get Wet.mp4 530.18 MB
ACM/ACM1950 Tom Pounds Kenny's Ass.mp4 768.56 MB
ACM/ACM1970 Nash Unloads On Tom.mp4 823.13 MB
ACM/CorbinFisher - Sebastian 2016-08-06 Tag-Team Kellan with Tom [720p].mp4 688.42 MB
ACS/ACS - Marc Nails Tom & Olivia.wmv 247.28 MB
ACS/Tom Bangs Olivia.mov 218.46 MB
CFS/CF - Tom Gets Nailed (by Cain) FullHD.mp4 915.39 MB
CFS/CorbinFisher - Dixon Works Out Tom.mp4 904.07 M
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