Uncut Memories aka souvenirs x

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DescriptionDirector Herve Handsome and High Octane have certainly outdone themselves with Uncut Memories. A gorgeous cast and inventively wonderful sex - plus an extra long running time - equal a video that every man lover should own!

The story goes like this: There is a group of really hot, beautiful, uncut European guys who gather at their friend’s house to swap sex stories. The stories that they tell to one another are, in fact, the uncut memories of the title. The stories inevitably turn into the sexual vignettes that comprise the flick. It must be said that the scenes are all scorchers - there’s not a dud in the bunch.

The guys are all hot and vary in looks. Some are smooth and delectable; others are a bit hairy and dangerous. All are gym-built and sport monstrous, uncut appendages.

After each of the visitors has told his tale of sexual satiation, the men in the room (much of the gorgeous cast) become so horny that they engage in a delightful orgy. The orgy action runs the gamut from smoldering passion to animal-like lust. Each guy shoots a great load - in fact, the cum shots throughout are hot and inspired and include some facials.

One of the scenes features two hot men working out in a deserted gym. One of the guys is a buffed up muscle head clad in a tight wrestler’s singlet, is dark and dangerous looking, and sports a very fat dick. His paramour is a smaller, thin man who sports a large leopard tattoo. These two take part in some vigorously delicious tonsil hockey. You can almost feel the palpable desire that the skinnier guy has for his sexy workout partner. These two go at it like alley cats.

In an exciting bit of turnabout, the little guy tops the muscle jock like there is no tomorrow. Before the fucking begins he first opens up his buddy’s eager hole with one finger, then two, and finally three fingers. The dark looking butch bottom moans with ecstasy, just waiting to be pounded by the skinny guy’s long pole. He gets his wish... and this pairing totally smolders.

Then again, all of the scenes in Uncut Memories are hot and worthwhile. You will not need to use your fast forward button at all. However, you may wear out your rewind button.

This flick definitely delivers the goods, and will give you plenty of "uncut memories" to cherish for many future stroke sessions.
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