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DescriptionBelAmi Out at Last 3, Cocktails (2003)

Another copy of this movie available here has a gap that interrupts the end of scene 7 and skips to the middle of scene 8. That's part of the section with Antonin Devos and his HUGE cock. Because of some recent discussion in the Porn Trivia forum, I'm posting the complete version.

All of BelAmi's 'Out at Last' series are compilations of scenes that for various reasons were not released at their originally planned time. The notes below are the studio's explanations for their delayed releases.

1. J.J. Grant OgrAb, Oliver Krist OgrAt, Sebastian Bonnet nonsex (Sebastian Bonnet as cameraman)
J.J. Grant was very new to Bel Ami when he was selected to appear in the French Vogue Hommes, and their interest pushed me to start his training. As you will realize, this episode consists of two separate sessions with the same trainer and the same model. The first time I decided not to finish it because J.J.'s hair was so short he photographed like a skinhead. In the second try, his haircut was different but we kept fighting an erection problem, so I opted to not use him at all.

2. Michal Horak OgrAb, Dano Sulik OgrAt, Josef Hudak OgrAb
Michal Horak and Jozef Hudak came together, they were best friends from a small town in Western Slovakia. They never had sex in front of each other so the beginning of the training session was very slow going. In the end, I decided not to use either the models or the session.

3. Joe Koslowski OgrAt, Oliver Krist OgrAt, Jason Paradis OgrAb
This was one of the very first training sessions we ever shot. Before we started releasing them on tape, Jason became a major model for Bel Ami so we left this one in our archives.

4. Joe Koslowski OgrAb, Oliver Krist OgrAt
This is basically the second part of the previous training session with Jason Paradis. After Jason asked for a pause from the workout he was getting from the two big dicks, the two archetypal tops continued together. Unfortunately Joe had a bad acne problem and I just couldn't use him for filming, although he was one of the best tops ever to show up at our door–and a fantastic bottom too!

5. Johnny Ritts OgrAb, Dano Sulik OgrAt
At its original running time, this was one of the most boring training episodes I ever saw. Johnny was still uncomfortable as a bottom while Dano had a problem with his front teeth, so he couldn't smile or even speak properly. We cut it down to a watchable length.

6. Dano Sulik OrgAt, Pascal Babey OrgAb
I don't know if I should actually call this a training session. This episode happened while the boys were cleaning our storage room and offered Marty a private show for the camera. We used it originally for our web sit in the "In Bed With…" section. The idea of shooting training sessions developed after I watched this impromptu episode.

7. Antonin Devos OrAt, Oliver Krist Og, Dano Sulik OgAb
The next three episodes were supposed to be part of "Personal Trainers 5," set in the mountain chalet. Since Marty shot eight episode, we had to cut these three out for reasons of time. When the ScreenShots from the final orgy appeared on our website, quite a lot of attention was devoted to Antonin Devos.

8. Gino Celantino Ab, Jeff Daniels At, Alex Orioli Ab, Dano Sulik At
After shooting this episode plus the orgy scene in "Personal Trainers 5," Gino spent a year doing his required Army service. We also decided to re-shoot Alex with Julian Armanis as his trainer which proved to be quite a success.

9. Sebastian Bonnet At, Josh Elliot Ab, Oliver Krist At, Dano Sulik At
This episode was supposed to be Dan, Oliver & Sebastian giving gang-bang training to Mario Sarda, who originally appeared on William Higgins' web site under the ridiculous name of "Bebe." We quickly realized that Mario was not a virgin. Josh Elliot happened to walk into the session and they immediately invited him to join in. Sine Josh was not exactly prepared for this situation we decided to reshoot him in a proper training with Sebastian Bonnet. As for Mario–a few months later he won the title of "Amateur World Bodybuilding Champion" in Lisbon.

10. Hans Adler Ogr, Daniel Avedon OrAb, Antonin Devos OgrAt
Antonin Devos and Hans Adler suck each other; Antonin tops Daniel Avedon, the cameraman, while Daniel sucks Hans; Daniel jacks both off.

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