♺ Brutal Tops - Session 189 : Master Daniel + Pics

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Original upload: 2014-01-18 |

The pathetic sub is on his knees and being made to suck Master Daniel's huge dick. As the vicious top screams abuse his dick gets bigger and bigger and the squirming sub has to swallow the whole thing to the back of his throat. He gags of the massive piece of meat and this annoys the Master who pulls out a belt and thrashes the sub into silent submission.

Daniel face fucks the sub and holds his head firmly to get total access to his mouth. The sub is powerless to prevent the cock from being rammed deep into the back of his throat.

Getting ever more excited, the top pushes the feeble sub over onto the bench pushes his rock-hard solid dick into the sub's arsehole, all the time pumping, shouting and dominating the runt. He throws him on the ground and then, dripping with sweat, he shoots his cum over the sub's pathetic, damaged mouth and makes him swallow and lick up the remaining drops.
2023-05-21 20:02:29
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