Magical Gay Sex - Assorted Scenes and Movies

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DescriptionThis is a collection of movies and scenes where men get hot and heavy with each other through some magical means where they'll do anything to each other. There are multiple group scenes, tons of cum shots, anal, rimming, fingering, sucking, the works. Some of it is bareback, some of it is vintage, some are hunks, some are jocks, some are twinks, some are daddies, but it's all hot! Porn stars like Jeff White, Kurt Stefano, Tag Eriksson and Pavel Novotny get in on the action!

List of Scenes/Movies -

1. 2 Scenes from The Hunger where a magical totem makes guys want to suck and screw each other crazy. One pair and one threesome.

2. 4 scenes from Mystic Museum, where mannequins from a magic museum come to life to pleasure the visitors.

3. A scene where a magic cock ring turns a Christian evangelist into a cock hungry gay lover.

4. A scene where magic blue smoke through a vent turns three homophobic fratboys into dick-worshipping enthusiasts.

5. A scene where a prisoner's magic eyes hypnotize his visitor into sucking him off, which gets the three guards into the action and a five way orgy commences.

6. A scene where guys take their friend to a hologram brothel where he is seduced by a magic guy in a shower to share each other's bodies.

7. A movie called The Hole where a magic video can turn you gay seven days after you watch it. 6 scenes: a pair of hunks, masturbation, two more hunks, masturbation, an orgy scene and a grand finale of two more hot hunks.

8. A movie called Magic Potion where a guy on his swim team uses his sketchy knowledge of biology to create a magic spray that when it touches a dick makes them horny and want to get down. 6 scenes culminate with an orgy and even a hands-free cum shot, lots of see-through speedos and casual nudity.

9. A movie called Magic Book, where a series of guys bareback each other from reading passages of a magic book which create hot men for them to have sex with. 5 scenes, mostly twinks. One highlight is a three-way anal sex chain.

10. A movie called Mystery Men, wherein a guy buys a book from a gypsy that mysteriously transports him to various erotic sequences. 4 scenes, but the middle one is a gigantic orgy with multiple interstitial scenes, cum shots and situations. Extremely sexy muscular hunks from South America.

11. A movie called Prague Rising, wherein supernatural researchers stay in a house magically possessed with gay energy and ghosts that come to treat them to their dicks. 4 scenes of delicious hunks sucking, screwing, rimming and cumming.

12. A scene in which a cowboy appears out of the ether from simply from the wishes of a cock hungry man. He gets his wish allright!

There are various video formats and sizes and quality, but all is clear enough to enjoy. Around 7 hours of magical gay sex for your pleasure.
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