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Eddie's Stop and Go Edging

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DescriptionRich has pretty boy Eddie tied to the rack for a slow edging, using his
stop and go technique, giving a number of strokes, then a pause, then
more strokes.  It's enough to keep him aroused, his cock is hard and
rigid, but not enough to get him off.  The constant interruptions prolong
the approach to orgasm and Eddie's torment.  Soon he's desperate to cum,
and Rich is enjoying the effect he can have on a 21 y/o straight guy with
minimal effort.  Eddie is also surprised at how a fat old man can get him
so aroused.  Rich gets him to talk about his girlfriend, which seems to get
him even more excited.  In the end, Rich gives him slow but steady strokes,
telling Eddie he has to work for it.  Eddie's breathing becomes loud and
labored, he thrusts his hips, his eyes roll up in the back of his head.  Rich
plays the young man like a musical instrument, never loosing control of the
situation. making him feel exactly what he wants him to, until Eddie whispers
"may I please cum" and pops a load high into the air.  Then he milks the sensitive
head until Eddie is begging him to stop,

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