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William Higgins - Pavel Bohan and Alan Carly - Screen Test - FULL CONTACT

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DescriptionIn this lovely screentest we have Alan Carly, who is introducing Pavel Bohan to his very first time having sex with another guy. It starts with Alan and Pavel relaxing on the bed, as they chat. Then the kissing starts, with Alan leaning over to initiate the first contact. As they kiss they also begin to grope each other, hands inside shorts. As they fondle each other's cocks they get hard and Alan pulls Pavel's underwear off, removing his own as well. Two big, hard, cocks are revealed as Alan gets to work sucking on Pavel's. Pavel's hand goes to Alan's head, pushing him down on that throbbing cock. He also grabs Alan's dick and wanks it as he feels the hot mouth wrapped tight around his. Pavel loves the feeling of his cock being sucked, and lays on the bed, so Alan can climb over him to 69. Pavel's mouth is soon open and taking Alan;s hard dick. He sucks on the cock and licks the head as Alan works his mouth over cock too. Alan loves to have his ass played with, and he new sex buddy obliges, sucking his cock and fingering his hot hole. That hairy hole opens up nicely as Pavel's finger works in and out. Alan's big cock is so hard too, as Pavel keeps sucking on it. Then two fingers work into that hole, stretching it wide. Pavel fucks the finger in and out, going nice and deep, as he wanks and sucks Alan too. With his ass opened up Alan turns over and presents it to Pavel, who shoves his rock hard cock deep inside. His first time putting his cock in a guys has turns him on and he fucks it in and out, as deep as he can. His fucking speeds up and then Pavel lays on the bed, so that Alan can ride his big cock. As he rides it Alan wanks his own cock and soon delivers a big, creamy cumhsot, all over Pavel's belly. Pavel isn't done yet, though, and keeps fucking Alan's hot hole. With Alan laying on his belly Pavel really pounds his dick in and out of that ass. He stretches it wide and rams his cock in all the way. When he is ready to cum Pavel pulls out and wanks himself, as he kneels over Alan, until he shoots his load. Then he leans over and kisses Alan, to end a wonderful first time session.

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