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Wrestling Max Dare & Jose vs Corey Evans & Jesse Tyler

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Hard & Hung Nude Tag Teams

The heels start tagging in and out double-teaming Jesse over the ropes, slapping, stomping, and abusing his stomach and midsection, but never letting him get close to his partner. Jose knocks Jesse out cold pressing his face into the mat with a brutally applied sleeper. The heels strip off limp Jesse�s shorts, revealing a white T-back bikini, amply filled. Corey, all hot, bothered and on a rampage, attacks Jose and makes some headway. But these heels have their act together and soon Corey is suffering the same abuse his partner endured. Max cinches his painful figure-4 leglock on Corey and Jose claws Jesse until both are screaming in submission. Excited even more than before, they peel off their black bikinis exposing their big hard-ons. The stripped �surferboys� fight gamely, but whether weakened from the beatings or intimidated by the impressive hard-ons dangling before them, they fall victim to the punishments of Jose and Max. The final mirror-image double sleepers, totally nude and hot, hot, HOT! Much flexing and posing over the defeated prettyboys. Gasp!
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