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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-08-31 | by unknown |

Yet another from my PZP Collection.
Just like before:  It's bizarre, campy, and twisted (maybe that's why I like it?) - along with being filled with cute twinks like another one of my old faves Sammy Case and more.

EXTRA:  I had so much fun with this that when you get it, the two large screenshots you see are actually animated gifs that I created!

Info is below and in the images.

Hope you enjoy!


Twinks - Finally 18 [PZP]


From the producers of the megahits The Da Vinci Load, BeTwinked and Oliver Twink comes this erotic gay fuck-film. This new line has been described as a hybrid of twink gonzo movies, reality TV, and the campy humor people have come to expect from the company that produced The Da Vinci Load and 2008's Grabby winner for best comedy, Oliver Twink.

The first one of the series introduces new twink star Randy Phoenix. This pretty-boy newbie is a combination between Brad Pitt and James Dean, with the edge of Kurt Cobain, and the seductive eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer. Like Sammy Case before him, the camera loves him. The 100% hardcore sex is rough and hard, with ass-eating and facial cumshots. PZP is poppin' twink cherries across the USA.

Studio: PZP Productions

Cast: Randy Phoenix, Ethan Connor, Giovanni Summers, Justin Taylor, Manny Emmanuel, Roland Haye, Sean Preston, Steve Miller

Director: Peter Z. Pan


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