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Falcon - Redwood Ranger

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Description    Director:Bruce Cam
    Studio:Jocks Studios
    Full Cast: Daryl Brock, Bruce Daniels, Steve Gibson, Rob Lynn, and Joshua Scott

Ranger Daryl Brock picks up hiking buddies Steve Gibson and Bruce Daniels. Daryl and Steve hit it off and are soon stripping one another and trading tongues. The action begins in an outdoor hot tub where they are watched by a horny Bruce.
They move inside for the fucking and Daryl invites Bruce to join in. This sequence was apparently shot at two different times because when Gibson strips his pubic area has been shaved. At the hot tub and bedroom sequences he has pubic hair.

A hot guy on the lam, Rob Lynn, is spotted by Daryl. But Rob overpowers him and gets the gun. Forcing Daryl at gunpoint to go back to the cabin he finds a naked Bruce sprawled out on the bed.. Rob ties Daryl’s hands over his head to a rafter and proceeds to make out with Bruce---who readily obliges.
Their making out becomes so intense that Daryl pleads with Rob to free his cock, as it is about to burst his jeans. Rob obliges and a now stripped and very erect Daryl watches as Rob rims and fucks Bruce in a variety of positions. (I have never seen a cock as long as Daryl’s get that stiff!)
As soon as Rob leaves, Daryl orders Bruce to untie him. He races after the departing Rob and knocks him into the hot tub.

After all of this, Daryl jogs over to the cabin of fellow ranger Joshua Scott for some solace. Jason gives him this in spades, taking Daryl’s lengthy cock and riding it to a mutual climax.

Although there are only three scenes instead of the traditional four, the scenes make up in quality what they may lack in quantity. The scene with Rob Lynn, Bruce Daniels, and the on-looking Daryl Brock is one of the hottest on film, while the scene with Brock and Scott is no slouch either.
Sure there are gaffes such as Gibson’s now-you-see-it and now-you-don’t pubic bush and the suspended Brock suddenly becoming completely naked as he watches the scene with Lynn and Daniels, but they certainly do not distract from a film that would made any ranger’s wood red.
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