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Donnie Drake vs Mike Pitt

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DescriptionSexy young Mike gets a rough intro to the world of BGEast taking on his wrestling idol Bulldog... in what was his debut match! No one thought the kid would even be able to walk out of the ring, but the self-styled 'Pitbull' not only took the expected beating but managed to give his idol a dose of his own medicine, earning respect from the Big Dog himself. Told his next foe would be another rookie, the brash stud grinned from ear to ear. 'Drake is a fake and a flake,' the Pitbull boasted, flexing his gym-earned muscle, 'and he's no Bulldog!' Mike is determined to become a major star, and he certainly has the looks, training and attitude to get there. Donnie Drake, he figures, is going to be the first of many impressive triumphs in his sure to be long career at BGEast.

The Pitbull's confidence is understandable. Thus far, young Donnie has been less than impressive since joining the ranks of BGEast. Humiliated and destroyed by both Rico Rave and Nik Knox in single combat -- or slaughter, you decide! But the day before the Friday the 13th match-up with the young Pitbull, young Donnie suffered a humiliation in the ring that would have made most young wrestlers pack their trunks and boots and not wave until BGEast was in their rearview mirror. One of BGEast's most vicious studs played a brutal trick on the youngster... offering him a 'try-out' to be his tag partner! The horrendous beating Donnie took awoke something in him that not even The Boss suspected was there... an angry desire to prove he is star material by dishing out an equally brutal beating on someone else!

And when Donnie gets to the ring, this is certainly not the same Donnie we've seen before! A leather studded neck collar, and black ropes tied around his bulging biceps -- and when young Mike gets there, the insults start flying in a flurry! They're off!Donnie rips into Mike almost from the very start -- dragging him down and laughing as his foe writhes in agony! Revealing his inner sadist, he takes great pleasure in choking Mike while he's down grinding a forearm across his throat! An over the knee break-breaker coupled with an ab claw has Mike screaming'but no submission. Donnie slams him down, straddles him and then slaps on a pec claw'and then grabs Mike's legs and a back-cracking Boston crab gives him the first submission. A howl of triumph escapes his throat and he continues beating on Mike, not giving him a break to recover and get to his feet.

But young Mike's not going to go down as easily as Donnie might hope -- he has something to prove too, and as the battle rages on, Mike bides his time, searching for an opening to turn the tide. And when he does, it's Donnie's turn to cry! But Donnie's extensive professional experience translates to a one-man demolition crew! He ties Mike up in the ropes and uses him as a punching bag'punch after punch, kick after kick, until Mike is sagging in the ropes barely conscious! He removes one of the ropes around his arms and climbs outside the ring, wrapping it around Mike's neck and hanging him over the top rope! Another wrestler might just go ahead and finish his prey off once and for all -- but all of the rage that has built up in Donnie over his own BGEast beatings now boils over. The best wrestling is at BG East!
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