♺ Vista Video - Body Heat

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-04-24 |
unknown uploader | Country: USA
Genre: softcore
Duration: 1:18 + behind the scenes
Director: Ron Williams
Studio: Vista Video
Cast: Dan, Doug, Jer, Kevin, Lance, Ronan, Marcel

Vista Video, known for its filmed shrines to the male body, pitches a few tents for its viewers in Body Heat, with a handsome cast of 6 young males showing off some damned hot physiques. The camera lovingly caresses each ripple and sinew of these chiseled young men as they work out, shoot hoops, run with their dogs, box, landscape a garden, change a truck tire, arm wrestle. . . heck, even a nap in bed is grade-A homoeroticism here as these guys flaunt their fine, tight flesh.

Standouts are the completely rape-able Bel Ami-model-like Marcel, whose smoldering eyes and all-boy grin (and those pecs!) will make you weep for his company; Kevin, the biracial beauty whose face and body (and ass) are as close to flawless as mere mortal man can get; Lance, who makes undressing for bed sexy; and Ronan, (the hottie on the front box cover), who gets sensuous with himself (and his viewers) in the shower.

Now the big question - Vista Video is not known for their full-frontal nudity work; does this one, which promises to deliver, show it all? The answer is... yes! There are several of the guys who strip completely nude, and all is revealed - but not all of them do so, sadly, and once or twice you may have to also sneak a peek quickly to see "all the goods."

But for a sensuous ride with 6 buffed and sexy-as-all-get-out, seemingly-straight boys-to-men, who work and play both together and alone, Body Heat will definitely generate some heat in your own body with some pure (and delicious) eye candy.

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