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Club Inferno - Lawless

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DescriptionPrison, as always, is an ideal location for fisting. In “Lawless,” a pun on the lead’s name and the men in it, shows that when there are hours and hours of jail time, fisting is a great way to fill them. Guards can take long breaks and the prisoners aren’t going anywhere. Plus, in this prison, it seems nobody would be content with just a fuck, so bring on the gloved hands, because there are some gaping holes to be worked.

Officer Colin Steele does not look happy as he patrols the jail with his nightstick. However, inmate James Aaron isn’t afraid of the butch goateed Colin. “What the fuck are you looking at?” he asks as Colin passes by his cell. Colin doesn’t take James’ bravado knowing that this repeat offender loves the cock in prison. Indeed, as soon as Colin orders him on his knees, James sucks through the bars. Shaved-headed James gulps loudly, taking a face-fucking deep-throat until he gags. James has a most unique sunburst tattoo around his asshole, the kind that might as well say “enter here.” Colin has him finger his hole as he watches. The thing is so well-traveled, I think it’s certified by AAA. Colin first chews at it, but James wants his fist. Well, Colin is wearing gloves and there is a bucket of lube handy, so James up on the top bunk, gets what he wants. From the onset, Colin goes beyond the glove line, twisting his arm around as way far up in James. Colin is a wonderfully experienced fisting top, going back and forth between his arms with speed, but James is one hell of a fisting bottom for being able to take it with nothing but comfort. James gets to sit on Colin’s fist and that works just as well. The shock here is that Colin also likes to get fisted! Now on the bottom bunk, he stretches his legs wide so James can start on his ass with the nightstick and then his own gloves hands. These two are so perfectly matched as a flipping fisting pair, both able to give and receive with the same talent. Unfortunately, the scene just sort of ends.

Grizzled beefcake Chad Brock, with a Mohawk, is brought mail and fresh linens by perky young Jackson Lawless. Jackson decides to combat the bad news Chad received from his lawyer with some sex. Jackson is one hell of a sexy guy, cocky, handsome and nicely muscled. He sucks cock stunningly, though Chad is more interested in his ass. Jackson is pretty eager to have it had, actually. He lets Chad finger him and then rim him with manly oomph. Jackson is then bent over a desk and Chad sends in the gloved hands. The round pale rump is everything Jackson promised, a hole eager to please, into which Chad can send his whole fist with some stretching from Jackson. Jackson gyrates around on Chad’s hand, which just makes him even sexier! It’s actually Jackson who leads the fisting, contorting his body this way and that, stealing thunder from Chad’s hand, and that’s not a simple trick for a fisting bottom. Chad has more control when Jackson is on his back, but the rosebud is wide open and Chad takes full advantage. An enormous dildo is next to disappear into Jackson. It’s dildo play that makes Jackson blast off a load. Chad squirts on Jackson’s chest.

Massive guard Craig Reynolds looks tough, real tough. So tough he even wears sunglasses inside. However, assured that he is being watched by a prisoner, he goes into a drawer and pulls out some sex toys. He strips down to his mouthwatering body and lubes up a dildo. It fits into his ass just so, and he shows it off from front and behind. He then sits himself down on an even bigger piece, his own cock wildly hard. This one takes some effort for Craig to anally inhale, but he does. He shows off his stretched hole to the unseen prisoner, but the show isn’t over yet. No, there are a lot more dildos, bigger and bigger, that can be used not to mention his nightstick, which he rams in and out of his ass at frightening speed. Eventually, he does cum, leaving his goo on the nightstick. A really neat line of dialogue ends the scene.

Chad Brock is back, still in prison and still bored. He does some exercises to pass the time, but they only make a man hornier. Luckily, he has a super big giant dildo hidden in his blanket and one of those ever-present buckets of lube (in place of water, I think). Making himself comfortable on a mattress, he jams the dildo into his hole, very able and very experienced. In the middle of this session, young tattooed Rex Roddick is tossed into his cell and, at first horrified, Rex quickly volunteers to help Chad. Now he mans the dildo and pushes it deeper into Chad. Another latex piece is discovered and Rex is positively nasty slamming it into Chad. Chad only begs for more. Chad can even take a dildo and a finger at the same time. Chad parks his ass on the dildo and sits up so he can blow Rex, another happy and easy task for him. Someone knew what he was doing in pairing these two in a cell. After Chad rims Rex a bit, he fucks him with a long double-headed dildo. Though they don’t use it together, just using it on Rex has both shooting loads. FYI, both guys are in the pokey for public nudity. There’s a cell block just for that? Cool!

Bald hunky Adam Russo is mopping the floor when Jackson Lawless returns to the action, peeling off his orange jumpsuit to take a piss. Adam gets hard watching, which is just what flirty prison slut Jackson wanted! There is actually a bit of kissing to start the scene, albeit hungry and forceful, before Adam pushes Jackson to his knees to get blown. No problem for Jackson, he loves it. He also loves getting his ass chewed and Adam tongue-fucks it as commanded. Adam also has a handy pair of gloves and starts in Jackson’s hole, finger by finger. Needless to say, fingers slip in with no effort. Then again so does the whole hand, thumb and all. Right to the glove line. Adam really likes to see the stretched hole, so he pulls out more often than the others to see it. But, he’s not averse to digging deep and then rotating his arm or pounding on it with his other arm to make it vibrate inside Jackson. Jackson sits on Adam’s arm and wriggles his body around, with Adam still pushing upwards. There isn’t a position Jackson doesn’t want to be in as the two become a mass of lube and sweat. Then Adam fits Jackson from behind and this becomes a marathon session that ends with what I thought were reluctant cum-blasts. No doubt these two could have gone on a long time more.
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