♺ AllAmericanHeroes - Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Lifeguard Tommy

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Strapping Logan is giving Tommy some pointers on working out. He's putting the young lifeguard through some pretty rigorous trials. Then he decides to get a little workout himself. After doing some squats with his blonde counterpart on his back, Logan is getting a little warm. He strips off his blouse and t-shirt while Tommy checks out his massive pecs, rippled abs and bulging biceps. After a quick compliment, Tommy has his Navy buddy sit back while he unzips his pants and gobbles his firm, pink penis. Tommy's perky dick sucking lips wrap tightly around Logan's cock while the Navy Corpsman leans back with one arm behind his head. Still fully clothed, Tommy seems to be really enjoying servicing his studly partner, slurping and slobbering and licking away. Finally, he strips completely naked while Logan strokes his dick and nods approvingly at his slim, nubile body and pale tattooed skin. Logan stands and shoves his buddy onto all fours before burying his face deep in the perfectly curved ass of the lifeguard. As Logan munches on the pink hole, he spits on it while gripping the roundness of the peach fuzz covered mounds and stroking his stiff cock. Logan stands and spits one last time into Tommy's crack before jamming his bone deep into the slim blonde. As Logan slams his thick pelvic bush against Tommy's white ass, Tommy grimaces and moans. Now riding it cowboy style, Tommy bounces on the giant meat stick while gripping his own junk. Tommy stands, bending over to get his ass railed even deeper, reaching back to pull his stud closer inside. Logan pounds until he's ready to bust, shoving Tommy to the ground and resting a boot on his chest. Squirting a thick load over Tommy's face, Logan grunts loudly. A few seconds later, Tommy squirts his juice onto his taut stomach while Logan licks that last few drops of his own cum off his fingers.
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