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DescriptionA Leisurely Edging

Rich has 26 year old, straight, muscle stud Tony laid out before
him while he sits comfortably on the sofa tormenting him at his
leisure.  He gently strokes Tony's long, fat cock with ever changing
strokes, keeping him aroused but unsatisfied.  The young man's
breathing becomes deep and loud as he suffers thru the frustrating
pleasure inflicted on him.  Rich is in no hurry, enjoying his power
over the strong, straight guy.  Tony's thick, muscular leg muscles
extend and flex as Rich uses a stop and go stroke to assert his
control over the young man's sexuality.  When he's finally allowed
to cum he breathlessly shoots a thick load over his head and onto
his chest and stomach.

Muscle Man Massage and Hand Job

Taylor is a 23 year old straight stripper.  He's 6'4" tall, 230 lbs,
bright, personable and sexy, with a well built, muscular body
and a long, fat cock.  Rich has him strip and gives him a
massage, lingering over his muscular pecs and biceps and his
strong, hairy legs, enjoying the feel of his hard body and the
freedom he has to explore it.  Then, using a slow, gentle stroke,
Rich works him to orgasm.  Taylor cums immediately when
Rich grants permission, shooting a thick load onto his abs
and Rich's hand.

Ball Massage and Edging

Poor 20 year old Trey is putty in Rich's experienced hands.  His
cock is rock hard, in his briefs, his body trembles from the gentle
massage of his bound, young body.  Rich cuts his briefs and
slowly licks, sucks and fondles his tight balls as Trey gasps and
twitches, yearning for the feel of Rich's hand on his hard cock. 
Finally Rich starts to stroke, a slow stop and start torment, 20
strokes, then a pause, then 20 more, moving him closer and closer
to the edge with a slow, frustrating, pace.  Trey's breathing
becomes loud and labored, his body tenses, he desperately asks
for permission but is denied.  Finally he can't hold on any longer
and shoots a huge load onto Rich's hand, then pays the price for
having an orgasm without permission.

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