♺ BrokeStraightBoys – Bobby Owens & Chris Taylor

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Bobby Owens and Chris Taylor are ready to get their scene together underway as they lean in, joining their lips together in a kiss as they make out and their clothes come off. Bobby drops to his knees to get a taste of ChrisÂ’s sweet cock, wrapping his mouth around that shaft and sucking it, deepthroating Chris and licking his balls as Chris moans above him. When BobbyÂ’s sore lips need a break, he gets on the bed and lets Chris treat him to oral next, ChrisÂ’s mouth traveling up and down BobbyÂ’s cock as he works that dick and gets him good and hard.
When they canÂ’t wait any longer, Bobby pulls his cock out of ChrisÂ’s mouth and buries it in his ass instead, spreading ChrisÂ’s legs to open that ass wide so he can get deep with his bareback prick. Fucking him hard, Bobby tops Chris and both guys moan at the feeling of ChrisÂ’s ass stretching around BobbyÂ’s pulsing dick, trying another position as they press their bodies close and BobbyÂ’s raw cock gets deeper. With Chris on his back and his hand working his own hard dick, Bobby gives it to him, pumping him full of his dick until he makes Chris shoot a huge load, his body shaking with his intense orgasm. Bobby pounds him harder and faster until he pulls out stands up, busting a nut above Chris as his cum rains down on him and they both work to catch their breath!
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