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Bound In Public - Billy Santoro

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DescriptionFUCK THE DJ!!! - Part 1

DJ Billy Santoro blasts his music while the bar patrons party below. Too bad for Billy no one's liking his music, after being booed by the crowd Billy's had enough. He goes down to the bar and tells everyone to fuck off before spitting in their faces. The irate crowd jumps on the fucker and wrestles him to the ground, tearing away his clothes as he screams for help. The big muscled dj pushes them off and tries to make his way for the door. The guys stop him and drag him back down to the floor with his hands bound behind his back. Billy's passed around for everyone to beat him into submission before throwing him onto the bar to punish him with their cocks. The guys hold him down as they turn him into their community slut, taking turns ramming their cocks deep in his ass as the pig screams for help. He's dragged onto the stage bound in rope as Jessie Colter holds him down while Christian Wilde flogs him to the chant of the roaring crowd yelling: "FUCK THE DJ!"

Billy's dragged around crawling on his hands and knees, the crowd shoving his head down on all their cocks and covering his face in cum. The horny crowd then holds down the muscled whore on a table as the guys run a train on him, gang fucking him and finishing him off with shower of cum.

Bound In Public -2012-01-10 Performers: Billy Santoro, Christian Wilde and Jessie Colter (34699)
Duration: 42 minutes
Res. 1280x720

Muscled DJ tied to the toilet & ass fucked in front of a horny crowd - Part 2

After gang fucking DJ Billy Santoro on the dance floor, the horny crowd carries the bound stud off to the bathroom. They pass him around and have their with him before tying him down to the toilet, everyone gathering on top of each other to watch Billy take a ramming up his ass. The guys line their cocks up and take turns blasting the muscled stud with a face full of cum and having him suck their cocks clean. He's then taken back to the main stage, his arms and legs spread apart as the guys pour candle wax all over him. Even after enduring the hot wax, Billy's cock stands rock hard, aching to cum. They jack the bound stud off and feed his cum right back to him.

Bound In Public -2014-03-07- Performers: Billy Santoro, Christian Wilde, Jessie Colter and others (34700)

Duration: 38 minutes
Res. 1280x720

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