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Argentina, where the tango in the title was invented, has always had the aura of blatant sexuality and unguarded passion. So, to see Chad Donovan's "Bailando Tango" show off just those qualities is an absolute pleasure. I don't know if all of the men in the movie are Argentines, but they sure have the appropriate lustiness to be.

Those hoping for extra tourism after the credits will have to wait, because the first scene starts with its three players in just their undies. In the center of the three-way kissing is strapping Max Schutler, being licked and kissed by spikey-haired Lucas and exotic-looking Juan Pablo. Their obvious hardons are simultaneously released from their confines and it's Max who starts the sucking, going back and forth on his costars. Lucas has the thicker cock and Juan the longer one with the mushroom head, but Max gives them both royal treatment, at some points together in his mouth. Max's mouth never tires, whether he's on all-fours or reclining so the guys can dunk their dicks into his voracious mouth. Lucas and Juan don't have to do much in the second section, stacked atop one another so Max can loudly rim their holes. Max is having one of those grand lip-smacking times, going back and forth on one smooth and one hairy ass. It's Max in the middle again when it's time to fuck, with he-man Lucas cramming his fat cock into Max while the bottom sucks Juan. The macho quotient is off the charts here, which means Lucas is all about maximum power as the barrels in and out of Max. After Lucas' punishing fuck, Juan gets his chance, adopting a jackrabbit style with Max now on his back. Juan's scooping fuck is just as potent, but Max has his mouth filled with cock and couldn't complain even if he wanted to (which I doubt he does). All three cum-shots coat Max's upper body.

On a balcony overlooking the city, mop-topped Pierre and spikey-haired brunet Michael are spending more time cruising each other than the sights. They soon find themselves inside where the door is barely closed before shirts are coming off to reveal their smooth twinky bodies. Michael has a massive cock that dominates his tiny frame, and Pierre takes to it wonderfully, moaning sweetly as he sucks. He is willing to stretch his mouth wide to take most of it in. Mike is no slouch as a sucker either, lovingly doting up and down Pierre's fat piece. Pierre rims Michael's fuzzy bum, unrolling his whole tongue to be as playful as he wants, but it's Michael who tops. That wicked cock knows its way around an ass, and Michael is a strong pushy top, even doing a sideways fuck with one hand supporting his head, as if this is just that easy. His blast at the end is well-deserved.

Nacho, a glambomb with a face as chiseled as his body. The pensive Nacho makes a phone call, and soon thick hunk Romario arrives. Nacho is already pretty much undressed, so he pulls Romario's cock out of his pants and starts sucking. Romario is packing a pecker so truly massive you might have to pause to collect yourself after seeing it the first time. But, Nacho forges ahead, undaunted as he lavishes it with the attention it demands. He is absolutely fearless as he sucks, tossing his head all over the place to keep downing inches and inches of it. The suck is of marathon length, but Nacho never falters. He then has to make it fit into his ass, but that turns out to be easier. Romario not only gets in fully from the onset, but gives Nacho a table-shaking fuck that could split a lesser man in half. Romario doesn't have to give it so much oomph, because the sight of his dick invading Nacho would be enough, but Romario gives it power enough to put the scene completely over the top. Only Romario gets to cum at the end of the scene.

Our last couple is already kissing heatedly when their scene begins as well. Bruno, a delicious treat with a big tattoo on his abs, is a perfect partner for beefy solid Tobias, two goateed masculine workhorses. Bruno licks Tobias from pits to pelvis until settling on Tobias' cock. Bruno is a most ardent sucker, having great fun licking and sucking, also working on Tobias' balls for extra fun. He's the chugging sort, thrilled to get lots of time to work on Tobias, who does have an ideal cock for blowing. It's Bruno still in workaholic mode when he munches on Tobias' ass, showing as much spunk as he did blowing. He uses his nose as a tickle and then his tongue to make good on that teasing promise. Now a bottom, Bruno sits down on Tobias' dick and bounces, energy of course intact. He slams himself to the balls every time, and Tobias helps but thrusting upwards into him, all while Bruno sports a raging hardon. Tobias socks it to Bruno bent over as well, his big thighs giving him strong momentum. The two are cradled together as they cum.


1. Lucas Fabian OrAt, Juan Pablo (ar) OrAt, Max Schutler OgAb
After a visual spin around the beautiful city during the credits, the first scene starts with three young men (Max, Lucas and Juan) kneeling on a bed, naked except for their underwear, and making out. Max Schutler, former Mr. Gay Argentina, is the center focus of this trio. ItÂ’s never said, but one feels as though Lucas and Juan might be lovers who brought this third hot man into their love making session to broaden their sex life. Although they each kiss, play and suck each other, Lucas and Juan constantly take the opportunity when Max is down on one or the other (or both) to lock lips with each other. Lucas is especially well-hung. Max likes them both equally and devotes time to both, walrusing them together at one point.
The two get stacked on top of one another, butts to the camera, so that Max can have a taste of both, first the shaved Juan and then the hairier Lucas, before kneeling down so that Lucas can fuck him while he sucks on Juan. Max then flips over so Lucas can fuck him missionary-style while he deep throats Juan. They all three jack off for a fine finish.

2. Michael Amerika At, Pierre (ar) Ab
Pierre and Michael are discovered sitting atop a railing on a street cruising the pedestrians. They see each other and head off together, heading back to a beautiful apartment. Once inside the door, they start making out, kissing and groping. Clothes get dropped and Pierre goes down on Michael. They are quickly in lust and head off to an adjoining room and a daybed where Michael goes down on Pierre before moving in to rim Michael. But it's Pierre who gets fucked doggie-style in the same position. Michael moves to lie down and access Pierre from the rear and fuck him hard until he shoots. Then Michael jacks off and cums. Views of life on the bustling streets of Rio are seen between the sexual encounters.

3. Romario Silva At, Nacho (Oscar Blanco) Ab
Lean and muscular Nacho is found sitting in his apartment at his desk, stripped sexily to his waist. He obviously wants "something," and the logical guess would be a hot sex partner. He calls a friend on the phone, and practically by the time he sets the phone down, the stud Romario is in front of him in the room. He unleases his huge cock, and Nacho goes down on it. One can quickly see that Nacho is going to have his mouth and his hands full.
Romario's dick starts out large and thick and just keeps growing, beginning to resemble a genuine firehose with a big nozzle atop it. Their clothes totally disappear, and soon Nacho is spread out on his desk, and Romario is starting to push his dick up Nacho's ass. It is way too big, but Romario keeps working it - out and in, out and in - until he's finally in up to the hilt. Nacho's right leg gets thrown over Romario's shoulder, so that he can get the fucking of a life time. They finally have enough, jack off and cum.

4. Tobias (Blanco) At, Bruno (Bordas) Ab
After that, where does one go? Hot duo Bruno and Tobias are kissing and making out in another apartment. Both men have little goatees, and Bruno sports a major body tattoo. Bruno pulls Tobias' dick out of his pants and sucks the shaft and head eagerly. Both manage to get out of their clothes. Tobias stands over Bruno for some more oral adoring, turning around so that Bruno can also rim him. He finally settles on the sofa so that Bruno can thrust Tobias' dick up his ass and ride energetically atop it as Bruno's own sizeable dick waves up and down in the air. Bruno then stands, one leg up on the sofa so that Tobias can pound him from the rear. They both finish theselves off jacking their dicks while lying back on the sofa. Bruno cums on himself, and Tobias shoots on Bruno's face.
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