Argentine Assets 2

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"In Alexander Pictures' Argentine Assets 2, South Amercian guys find any excuse to drop what they're doing to have sex with each other!

First, after taking in an art show, Jose Pene and Javiar Martin end up in bed where Jose fucks Javiar, then both shoot their loads and climax the scene. Next, Diego Vicente brings flowers to Juan Romero who thanks him for the roses with passionate lovemaking. Juan groans in pleasure, then Diego cums as the camera pans to the flowers in the background.

Then, Felipe Pietro and Carlos Morales ask Professor Nicolas Garrido for help with their studies. The students offer their cocks in exchange for good grades, and the Professor obliges! Felipe and Carlos take turns fucking their teacher, then cum all over him, ensuring a letter of recommendation.

Next, Sasha Borov and Ximen Sanchez shop at a mall, then end up in bed flipping through a gay magazine and get horny. Sasha fucks Ximen ass passionately, attempting several unconventional and hot fucking positions until white cream streams out of their cocks.

Finally, Felipe Pietro jacks off to his own reflection until his heavy breathing signifies that he's about to blow his load all over himself in ecstatic self-delight."

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