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BuckleRoos Part II (2004)

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It's morning at the ranch, and in three separate rooms, three studs hold three hard cocks in their fists. Dean and Marcus jump out of bed and closes their doors, obviously uncomfortable with what happened the night before. Although all three are up and raring to go, they're painted into separate sexual corners: Dean and Marcus won't fuck each other, and neither Dean nor Marcus are going to fuck Owen, and there's a lot of sexual frustration in the air.

Luckily, for Dean at least, the hunky local mechanic, Hank Locklear, has no such restrictions. When Dean and Marcus take the truck into the shop, Dean is across the hood with his jeans down in a trice, and Hank gobbles down Dean's uncut piece while Marcus retires to the cab and glances at the action with what appears to be both longing and jealousy in his eyes. After a lot of mouth-to-foreskin play, where Hank really gets down on Dean's meat, they are joined by studly Dave Angelo, who plays a biker. Dave rides up on his hog with Zak in tow, lights up a huge cigar, blows smoke in Dean's face, and then Dean's magic belt buckle kicks in. With a little help from Zak, Dave's leather biker jacket is unzipped and his hard dick is out of his fly. Hank then gets his chance to suck both studs' uncut boners, while Dean and Dave kiss hotly. Dave gets behind Hank and rims his ass as Hank sucks Dean (and then Dave can't resist tasting his own pre-cum, which nearly got me off right then and there). Dean fucks Hank first, while Hank sucks Dave. The next part of the scene really sizzles as Dave gets in the bed of the truck, Hank lowers himself onto Dave's rock-hard cock, and Dean feeds Dave his dick. Both Dean and Hank use the truck's overhead bars for support as they work over Dave, and the views of Dave's dick embedded deep between Hank's taut asscheeks is tremendous. Dave reaches a shatteringly powerful orgasm and Dean gives Hank a messy facial in the finale. Then Zak whispers in Dean's ear that Marcus is still waiting for him.

Back at the ranch, cutie-pie Owen is studying up on "Romeo and Juliet," of all things (actually, it's just the Cliffs Notes) naked, dick in hand, while Marcus reads the newspaper. Owen teases Marcus with his cock, asking him if he thinks it's "purty" (it is, of course), but Zak steps in and intervenes before anything can happen, and Dean steps in and derails Owen's plan to seduce Marcus. But just as Owen is about to try to stuff his hard dick back into his jeans, Marcus notices he's wearing Dean's belt buckle.

The doorbell rings, and Marcus finds two Mormon missionaries on his front steps, waiting to save his soul. Marcus, annoyed, sends them away, but then Owen and he make a bet that he can get the two virgins to have sex with him, if he uses the magic belt. Marcus, who doesn't think his soul is in any danger, then proceeds to teach these young hunks a thing or two about how what they call sin can be fun. The scene between Marcus, Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case, is one for the record books for a couple of reasons. First, it's when worlds collide, pairing up two twink-ish, nubile lads with a mature stallion like Marcus. And second, the scene is played in its entirety as a lesson in hot sex to two virgins from a seasoned sexual pro. Every guy should be so lucky as to have someone instruct them in the ways of sex with a man with such care and intuition. Marcus leads these two hotties from sucking to rimming and fingering holes, to finally fucking and getting fucked, and all the way his performance as sexual mentor is inspired. Even though Timmy and Sammy barely have hair on their balls, they're quick studies, and they pick up Marcus' instructions like a couple of naturals. Marcus is sometimes active in the action, sometimes watching and giving helpful hints, but he does manage to sample each of the dude's asses, and they each fuck the other. A great scene ends with Timmy and Sammy blasting off huge loads, then Timmy jerking off Marcus until he explodes with cum.

There's no going back after that sex, and Timmy and Sammy find a home on the ranch, thanks to a generous Marcus. Marcus introduces them to Owen with a funny line: "This is Jimmy Joe. You don't have to fuck him if you don't want to."

Next, Dean arrives with a couple of ranch hands, Andrew Rubio and Ty Hudson, who are still suffering the effects of a being drunk. While Marcus grabs some coffee to help sober them up, Dean drenches them with a pail of water, bringing them back to consciousness. But there's a big surprise in store when they strip off their wet clothes -- both dudes have black buttplugs up their asses. Andrew, who is getting married that day, says he isn't queer, and neither is Ty. They just like having stuff shoved up their butts. The action that follows shows exactly that, as a big box wrapped like a wedding present turns out to be several dildos and buttplugs of varying sizes and shapes, mostly huge. Both Ty and Andrew display incredible capacity as they take turns shoving them in and out of each other. While this is going on, Dean and Marcus relax, have a cup of coffee, and jerk their dicks. When Dean reaches over and grabs Marcus' erection, Marcus balks, remembering their agreement, but Dean says hand-jobs don't count. Ty and Andrew continue their toyplay, once again making use of the overhead bar on the truck for support (that thing really comes in handy). A double-headed dildo connects the two studs as Andrew creams his cock and crotch. Dean and Marcus then both shoot their loads, with Marcus producing an especially big jet of cum. They sink into each other's arms as Zak watches appreciatively. Then Ty and Andrew get dressed, but only after replacing the buttplugs they started out with in the beginning of the scene. Andrew decides that maybe marriage isn't for him after all, and the two head out for -- where else? -- San Francisco.

Next, in his high school locker room, Owen seduces the team quarterback Jason Kennedy. Owen feasts on Jason's thick and uncut dick, and then he sits on Jason's face, followed by a scorching flip-flop fuck where both studs show off their versatility. In the finale, they face each other and shoot their loads, spraying them all over the locker room bench. Through all of this, Owen never takes off his jock. Jason is definitely Owen's kind of man, and they decide they want to settle down together, to Uncle Dean's consternation. Dean stalks off in anger, with Marcus in pursuit. But maybe the nephew has something he can teach the uncle. And maybe, just maybe, that magic belt buckle can work one more time.

With one last shove in the right direction by Zak, Marcus and Dean finally overcome their fears and doubts and get together again. Dean and Marcus masterfully play the finale, which beautifully ties up the loose ends and brings the men together at last. Everything that Marcus and Dean do here is sensual, loving and surprisingly tender, all under the watchful eye of Zak's Man in Black. Marcus seems to take great pleasure in giving Dean head, and when Dean reciprocates, he looks amazing, bent over, sucking Marcus, his faded jeans slipping down, partially exposing his curvaceous ass. Marcus then strokes Dean's hole with his fingers as Dean deep-throats him. Although they kiss passionately often in the scene, the looks that pass between Dean and Marcus as they fuck are almost more intimate. Dean climbs onto Marcus and fucks him missionary, and there are moments when the intense heat between them is palpable. Then Dean and Marcus switch places, and Marcus pushes into Dean's ass. It is the first time Dean has ever bottomed onscreen before, and a thrill to watch. In the finale, the two hunks kiss side-by-side as they reach orgasm almost simultaneously.

They then cuddle under a blanket, kissing and hugging, happy together at last.
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