♺ Working Men [Rollo Productions-Le Salon Video]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-10 |
This very rare oldie was requested by one of my group members, also a classic AND a lover of guys in Levi 501s.
He even had the download links!

And even better, he had found the scans of the original promo magazine for this film.
(Having once my own collection back then, I always wondered about those; Which came first?  The rag of the flick?")

It was a different type of project too as it was the work of another VHS Ripper that was, according to my buddy, "In need of some Movieboy Magic".

It really was not that bad and the quality was as high as one could expect from a film to tape to DVD preservation.  The problems were easily corrected too.

1. Crop out the black borders and a very noticeable audio stream at the bottom and
2. Get it out of the DX50 (DivX) codec  that I like to call "The AVI Imposter".

I think it came out as well to be expected.
To paraphrase a line from hair stylists, "I am a technician, not a magician".

You be the judge.

If you want to be sure before downloading, view the preview I made, streamed from my own site here:

And if the original ripper is out there, please contact me.
I would love to get your feed back, and am open to negative responses without issue if that is how you feel.

In any event, your work, like our rip of "Corky" in the old YMAC Flick Carnival 1982, will now go throughout the planet to be preserved forever!



Working Men [Rollo Productions-Le Salon Video]




A vignette of 6 classic Rollo film loops dating back to the mid 1970s.
Shot on film, Collection.


Introducing a new film series for those connoisseurs who dig their All-Male Action fast and Hard-To-The-Core!

Come...Sweat along with these hunky, humping, hard-workin dudes!


These hot films aren.t XX-RATED for nothing!


1. The Finishers

Jason and Dave are finishing a dry wall job when Jason is distracted by Dave.s hot butt above him on a ladder. Soon these two men are swinging their big meat all over the room, with Jason finally ploughing Dave.s hot willing ass to a cock-wrenching orgasm.

2. TV Repairman (Mustang)

Rand.s set is on the blink and he.s missing a good game, but the repairman.s arrival sets his thoughts to other games, and the action is better than good! A hot "69" session leads to the repairman.s thick hard up Rand.s tight hot ass, sending both to gushing climaxes.
See picture magazine Working Men #2.

3. The Plumbers

Victor Houston and his apprentice Rob don.t use their tools on the sink for very long before they turn to plumbing each other. Victor.s big uncut dick fills every hole Rob has in a variety of interesting ways before Rob shows Victor a surprising way to shoot his load.

4. The Painters (Mustang)

Bart, Steve
Bart and Steve find they have more in common than painting walls when Bart.s big cock and Steve.s willing ass get together for some every which way including up fucking the likes of which haven,t been seen in a long time.

5. Appliance Repair

Brad, Greg
A broken dryer doesn,t stop Brad and Greg from working up some heat of their own in an unusual use of 2 common household appliances. It.s no holes barred in this fast-paced bit of imaginative sexual play, and Greg.s close-up come shot is a real face filler for Brad.

6. The Mechanics

Stars: Bart, Brad, Greg, Rand, Rob, Steve, Victor Houston

Released: 1979-1981


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