Gay boxing #8-No Rules Boxing-Tyler Rocket Versus Aaron Ice Berg

Wrestling and Sports
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This is the whole fight. Tyler and Aaron are both hot muscle stud twinks. The fight starts out and the guys trade punches back and forth. The contact is light and it is like a sparring match but then it gets more intense and there is a lot of gut punching with at least some light contact leaning towards moderate contact. Aaron starts to punch the crap out of Tyler and breaks a sweat from doing it. Tyler ends up getting knocked out. In picture number 30 Tyler actually punches Aaron in the right kidney and had he done that with greater force he would have smoked Aaron like a cheap cigar and dropped him right to the mat immediately. Of course that is an illegal punch. But there is no ref though. Both guys wear boxing shorts, boxing gloves and boxing/wrestling shoes. This video sizzles. The pictures reflect what is contained in the video and are pulled right off of the video. Enjoy.

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2015-10-18 11:54:40
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