[Video 10] Chateau d'Lust

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In Chateau D'Lust, the cold and snowy season gibes these horny men a reason to be grabbin' 'round the cabin that's a chateau on a plateau! First, Jean-Francois Lemieux and Bernard LaMarre enjoy some winter horseplay near a private lodge located in Canada's snowy Laurentian mountains. A warm shower and hot, flip-flop sex is the perfect antidote for the brisk conditions, so the two head indoors, soap up, towel off, then top and bottom for each other in bed. Then, Billy Little-Fox gives Nicky Wells a tour of the grounds just as their guests Vincent Lourdes and Toby Hart arrive to join them. They stop to give head in a very cold shed, and then move it upstairs where they end up in pairs with some daisy chain sucking done just before fucking. Finally, after hiking in from the nearby town, G-Zon Beauleau tops Alexandre Pleintemps on an honest-to-goodness bearskin rug!

Duration: 87 minutes

Directed by: David Collins
Studio: Celestial Entertainment

Filmed entirely in Canada, Chance Meetings tells stories of just that - boys meet up with other boys and decide to get naked. This entry from Celestial's Brigade Studios is ripe with young beauties. Little-Fox, Plaintemps, LaSalle and DuSolei are all billed as "first timers"; maybe on video but they sure as hell aren't first time cocksuckers.

The first sex scene features non-first timer LeCoq paired up with Little-Fox. These two guys are soooo hot for one another that your television screen will surely steam up. Like his name suggests Little-Fox appears to be Native-American (or is it maybe Native-Canadian?) complete with a long dark mane of hair. He is a real beauty with a healthy cock and a pierced tongue. LeCoq has his own hefty prick that Little-Fox devours. Little-Fox is quite adept at using his tongue jewelry, particularly on LeCoq's quivering pucker hole.

Later, Little-Fox pounds his newfound friend like there is no tomorrow. This pairing is quite inspired, filled with a lot of passion and animal-like aggression. Scene ends as the two new lovers kiss and playfully wrestle while they dress.

Nicky Wells bumps into a tourist and invites him back to his house. Adorable Alexandre Plaintemps is the tourist who allows the Montreal native to seduce him. Before disrobing these two make out as if their lives depend on it. Lots of foreplay segues into oral action before Plaintemps fucks his new friend all over the ugly couch. Plaintemps has a beefy dick and a curious tattoo that covers a good portion of his torso; simply put he is hot. Wells is an attractive boy as well, he has "come fuck me" eyes that apparently work in his favor. Like the first scene, this one is sure to keep your cock stiff.

Mac Bourbon and Sammy LaSalle bump into one another coming out of a coffeehouse (we know it is a coffeehouse because we see a shot of a flag with a coffee cup on it!) This pairing is quite romantic, with lots of kissing and affection. These two twinks are both cute and very young looking. After some guitar strumming they fuck one another, making for the flick's only flip flop fuck.

Lastly we are treated to Lucas DuSolei and Ken Rondolet who meet while DuSolei is walking his dog. They have coffee, then they fuck. Both are thin, youthful looking and smooth. Rondolet has his dark hair buzzed in close and sports a gorgeous uncut dick (but then again, so do all the young dudes in this video!) DuSolei doesn't have to be convinced to climb atop the table and be fucked. He is plowed from behind while they are facing a mirror - nice!

All in all, this is a great little film. Of course, if you are into young looking boys, skinny and smooth, this is a great addition to your collection. Foreskin fans and guys who like romance with their cum shots will also approve.
2011-04-17 21:27:31
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