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Elder Berry fucks himself with a dildo while fantasizing about all the hot, gay sex heÂ’s had with Elder Stewart.

The two young men have really enjoyed being companions. They havenÂ’t had many converts, but they have forged a very special intimacy with each other. They always knew that one day theyÂ’d be transferred, but itÂ’s still a shock when the call comes from the mission office. The morning of the transfer, they wake up early to shower and head to the mission home to meet their new companions. Elder Stewart jumps in the shower first, while Elder Berry sleeps a little longer. Elder Berry lies face down on the bed, wearing nothing but his garments. As soon as his companion is out of the room, he starts to grind his morning wood into the mattress. He rolls over on his back and gropes his dick. HeÂ’s always horny in the morning, but today heÂ’s especially hard, thinking about all the times he and his companion have fucked.

He slips his dick out the flap of his garments while he thinks about kissing Elder Stewart outside. What had begun as a little make out session quickly escalated. They had taken off their clothes and played around in their tight, white Mormon underwear. As he remembers Elder StewartÂ’s hands on his ass, his dick twitches. They had slipped their dicks out, and then he opened the back flap of Elder StewartÂ’s garments and rubbed his hard cock against his round Mormon ass before slipping it inÂ…

Elder Berry is feeling hot. He takes off his garments, and then climbs down to his companionÂ’s bunk.
He takes his companionÂ’s onesie and sniffs the crotch. It smells like his balls. He puts the underwear on, and then pulls out a dildo he stole from an investigatorÂ’s bathroom one day. He climbs back up on his bunk and closes his eyes. He strokes the huge dildo as he calls to mind the time he and his companion sucked Angel though the slats of the bunk bed. When AngelÂ’s giant, hard cock had appeared above their heads, Elder Berry gladly put it in his mouth, while Elder Stewart licked his companionÂ’s dick before joining him on AngelÂ’s big meat. They had both sucked his cock and balls until he shot a wad of cum right into Elder BerryÂ’s throat.

Elder Berry moans as he remembers the taste of all that cum in his mouth. He puts a hand on his asshole and presses. He slides his hard dick out of his garments and wets it with spit. Then he opens the butt flap on his garments and starts to rub the huge dildo against his hole. He tries to push it in, but the dildo is too big to fit. He forces the tip into his tight hole and starts to jerk off. The pressure of the dildo against his asshole reminds him immediately of the time Elder Stewart fucked him in the mission home foyer, when no one was there, Elder Berry on his back, and his beautiful, baby-faced companion on top of him. As he remembers the feeling of Elder StewartÂ’s hard cock sliding in and out of his ass, his buttonhole starts to loosen and the giant dildo goes deeper and deeper. He strokes his dick and gives the dildo a few taps. He can feel the dildoÂ’s tiniest motion inside of him. He imagines itÂ’s his companionÂ’s cock thrusting deep inside him, ready to burst and soak his ass in cum.

He thinks about the time that Angel wanted to see two Mormon boys fuck, and ordered Elder Stewart to fuck him for AngelÂ’s pleasure. He had straddled the couch and stuck his ass in the air and spread his cheeks for his companion, who slipped his gorgeous dick in and fucked him. HeÂ’s pounding himself with the dildo now, which has blended in his mind with Elder StewartÂ’s dick. HeÂ’s moaning and he arches his back as he feels the cum coming up from his balls. He shoves the dildo in all the way as he shoots a giant load on his garments. He uses his companionÂ’s garments to wipe the semen from his dripping dick, then tosses him on his bunk as a goodbye present.

Elder BerryÂ’s going to miss Elder Stewart, but he knows a new companion and a new area will bring him all kinds of new possibilities.

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