The Road Trilogy

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DescriptionThe Road To Hopeful  distributorHot House Entertainment released 1994
director Steven Scarborough
Beau Saxon Brad Eriksen Brad Hunt Cliff Parker Cruz Lennox Doug Forbes Hunter Scott Josh Powell Scott RussellTrent Reed

Shot on location in the breathtaking mountains of Northern California, "The Road to Hopeful" chronicles the misadventures of a sexy (and innocent) young man as he sets out on the road away from a lying, cheatin', low-down, good-for-nothing lover toward his small rural hometown and a brighter future. Along the way he crosses paths with an unbelievable grab-bag of raunchy red-necked, big-dicked, booty-crazy wild men with nothing better to do than spend their time getting down on each other and anybody else in the general vicinity. All that good clean country living stimulates a whole lot of outrageous, uninhibited, mad-dog sex!

"The Road to Hopeful" is a story for everybody who has ever been in a neglectful relationship. It is a story of loneliness and escape, of chance encounters and raucous, rough-and-tumble hoe-downs. A story of a journey home, to Hopeful, to a new beginning and to self discovery. A tale that will forever set the standard for this genre of road film.

The Road Home
distributor Hot House Entertainment released 1996 length 120
director Steven Scarborough

Beau Saxon Brit Tania Cole Youngblood Dan Brewer Jeff Hart Jordan West
Marcello Reeves Matt Bradshaw Mayflower Nino Bacci Rhett Larson
Ryan Idol Todd Gibbs Tony Cummings

This last June Hot house began its most ambitious project to date, "The Road Home". One month of solid shooting on location in the Central Valley of California, nine weeks of day and night editing and gallons of strong coffee went into creating 2 full hours of what we at Hot House believe is the movie of a lifetime! "The Road Home" picks up where our earlier sensation, "The Road to Hopeful" leaves off. This is not a sequel but a story that is connected again to the town of Hopeful and the concept of a journey of self discovery.

The main character, Calvin (played by the magnificent Todd Gibbs) leaves his childhood orphanage to uncover the mystery of his past hidden in an old homestead down the road a bit from Hopeful. He follows a rollicking and unpredictable tract that cuts across the great flatlands of America and runs ram shod through the lives of honest, hardworking (and habitually horny) farm folk.. The epic begins with a hitchhker hand job (administered to a demanding Matt Bradshaw) and ends at a behind-the-barn-butt-bangathon with Marcelo Reeves and new comers Nino Bacci and Dan Brewer, that makes any ordinary group grope look like a Sunday prayer meeting! Along the way and in between Calvin is delivered up to some petty power play from a deskbound Beau Saxon (of "Road to Hopeful" fame), a three way bale toss with humungous Cole Youngblood and talented Tony Cummings, and a game of "True Confessionals" with heavenly "Father" O' Ryan Idol. All these adventures (and some wood shed shenanigans involving Jordan West) help the innocent Calvin discover his past -- and, eventually, himself.

The Road to Temptation
distributor Hot House Entertainment released 2004 length 110
director Steven Scarborough
videography Michael Clift

Alex LeMonde Arpad Miklos Carlos Morales (ve) Chad Thomas (00s)
Corbin Michaels Fredrick Ford Josh Kole Joshua Adams Kent Larson
Marco Paris Marcus Allen Ricky Martinez Sebastian Tauza Tag Adams
Zackary Pierce

Hot House Video brings you the sexiest, sweatiest outdoor porn event of the year with The Road To Temptation, the third title in the critically acclaimed Road Trilogy. This sweeping country epic stars Corbin Michaels as Kenny, a young gay orphan trying to hide his sexuality from the homophobic uncle he lives with. Caught jacking off with a stack of gay porn magazines, Kenny gets tossed out of the house and hits the road - uncertain about both himself and his future. Lucky for Kenny, he hitches a ride from Big Jim who takes him to Temptation Ranch where he learns about life from a host of big-dicked sweaty country boys. Shot in the rolling foothills of the California Gold Coast, this double-disc 3-hour epic features 15 gorgeous studs humpin', pumpin', grindin', and gropin' through six full-length scenes that are guaranteed to have you crowin' by dawn. As always, The Hot House Crew delivers the highest production values in the business with crystal-clear cinematography, translucent lighting, and expert camera work under the masterful direction of AVN Hall of Famer Steven Scarborough. So thumb a ride and join Kenny on his road to self-discovery at Temptation Ranch!
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