monday afternoon wrestling 1-Manni, Wladi, Chesko and Tim

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionWe have just rediscovered a somewhat older film that was originally intended for our members only. We would like now to share this quite well-done training hall match with you. Manni, Tim, Chesko and Wladimir use to meet on mondays to play some football. This time, however, while still in the locker room, they decided to wrestle instead. Especially Wladimir and Manni are very keen on testing their strength and deciding once and for all who gets to be the King of Fightplace. Upon setting up the mats, Wladi and Tim begin their match. It's a hard fight with lots of leg scissors. When Chesko and Manni start interfering with their match, all mayhem breaks loose. Chesko and Wladi take over the next part, and again we get to see Wladi's legs apply some hard scissors. To make matters more interesting, we get a glimpse at some surprising views through Wladi's baggy shorts. The next part is all about Manni and Chesko roughing each other up and throwing each other onto the mats. Then comes the final decision: Manni vs Wladi! If you're a fan of scissors, you're going to love how Wladi gets Manni in a particularly nasty scissor hold. He lets him wriggle for quite some time, and it seems as if Manni has no chance of freeing himself. But those who know Manni, know that he's capable of everything. A sweaty match, full of scissors, ballgrabs and many other nifty tricks.
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