[Men] Charlie Roberts (Redhead Fucked by 2 Musclemen (HD) Zeb Atlas-Marcus Ruhl

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Description9" Top Zeb Atlas & 8.5" Top Marcus Ruhl pound the hot freckled bottomboy

*Ginger *Sign: Leo
*Dick: 7.25" Cut* Eyes: Blue*
Height: 6'*
Weight: 200# Positions: Bottom*

About Charlie Roberts
Favorite Foods: Thai,buffets,craft pizza,girls scout cookies
Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein, The Original Willy Wonka, Backdoor Sluts 9
Favorite City: San Francisco
Hobbies: Juggling
What I like The Most: Answering silly questions with equally silly answers
What I Don't Like: Communism
Best Thing About Me: I'm the greatest person ever
Worst Thing About Me: I'm a narcissist
How To Make Me Happy: Who knows
Favorite Quote: All I need is a chunk of cash with a head wrapped around it. - Bender

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Charlie Roberts Fucked by Marcus Ruhl
February 23, 2014
Drill My Hole

No Smoking In The Men's Room...
Charlie Roberts Fucked by Zeb Atlas
March 27, 2013
Big Dicks At School

Today we have the third part in Captive, the on-going sex adventure from Drill My Hole. Captive weaves an intricate plot of deceit and revenge and this episode stars muscular big man Zeb Atlas and new guy on the Men dot com block Charlie Roberts. Charlie is a versatile bottom with a seven+ inch cut cock, while Braden (Zeb's real name?) weighs in at a muscly 215 pounds and is definitely a top.
The thing about this series is that it jumps around in time, so we start off here with a reminder of what happened at the end of part two and then we jump to ‘One Hour Before.’ Here it starts to become clear that Charlie is being held captive, he is tied and bound and helpless. This isn’t a BDSM scene, not as such, it’s going to develop into a horny hardcore scene for sure, but the added thrill of seeing one of these guys bound and gagged makes for great viewing. But then there comes a twist, and I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you are following the series you’re going to say something like, ‘Didn’t see that coming!’
And then, after that nice twist, the two guys in the room have an hour to kill and Charlie has the perfect idea of what they can do to fill it. He starts seducing big boy Braden and is soon down on his knees working his shaved cock, getting it harder and getting Braden well turned on. This he does slowly and sensuously while we linger over the sight of his muscled body. We get nice slow views of Charlie’s body as well, when Braden goes down on him and the guys give us several long minutes of sucking followed by ass rimming as cocks get wet and asses get lubed up.
Zeb allows his ass to be licked and played with, fingered even, and then, I what I reckon is his first scene being topped, it’s the smaller, lighter Atlas who gets to fuck the heavy, chunkier bodybuilder, bending him over at the window. You’ve got plenty of time to savour the sight of the big guy getting plunged before they swap around and Charlie sits his smooth bottom over Braden’s dick. He does this to give himself extra pleasure while he jerks his cock and then cums with six big splashes of juice, all over Braden’s smooth belly. The big guy jerks himself off too making another great sticky mess on himself.
And then the story picks up again to finish the scene off with. The ropes go back on, the gun comes out, we’re back at the start of the scene and the gun goes off. And then we cut to ‘Two Hours Before’ where we find… Well, like I said, I don’t want to spoil it for you.
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