♺ Cum Play [Panther Productions-Le Salon]

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As many already know, I am backed up from the OS crash and for what ever obsession I have, kept on producing on one computer as I recovered the other.

Now I have too many, so you may expect a few extra days until I catch up.

Without dissing my own post (at least too much) this is an obvious quick buck maker for Le Salon.

To quote what an authority (and an acquaintance of mine) said about the studio:

"Le Salon Videos produced films for 25 years, and for many of us they represent our first memories of porn films.

Truthfully the production was not always good, and the guys had a certain look, Californian tanned twinky, but even so they still were classics."

That about sums it up.

If I were to guess, I would say that they had a bunch of quickie tapes, most likely the types that were used for short plays in the book store booths (a.k.a. "Tea Rooms").

Those tapes had probably been played until they nearly wore out, then compiled by the aforementioned studio to get the last nickel they could.

The main reason I am even posting it is that I have no doubt this will jar the memories of many as we all had these cheap tapes we were able to buy for about 10 bucks because the standard price for a full length VHS tape at that time could run for as high as $70.00.

For many of us in the 1980s, that meant half a weeks pay!

To get a better idea of what I mean, I suggest you view the preview I made, streamed from my own site here:

Info (what little there was) below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).

Enjoy, if for nothing else, the trip down memory lane.


Cum Play!!! [Panther Productions-Le Salon]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/PantherProductionsSummary.html (Index only)


A compilation of short films

Growing boys need whole new games.
Wanna cum and play? What do our boys do when they get bored? Find a Playmate and fuck until they can’t cum anymore!

Note: Last scene is without sound.

Stars: Brad Phillips, Brandon Wide, Cory Monroe, Michael Cummings, Sparky O Toole

Editor: Steve Stevens

Director(s): Various

Released: 1994


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