13500-73 The Spit Tomahawk Part 2

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Description13500-73 The Spit Tomahawk Part 2

It's all setup! The spit tomahawk is all set to go and Master Black Nikeand Master Eric don't waste any time in getting the flow going.

As always,, Helmut is a bit cheeky to start with but a few kicks andsome thick snot soon knock that out of him. Not only are thelads hard as nails , not only does it seem like they have aninxhaustible supply of Master spit and snot, but they don't holdanything back in dissing their victim. It goes without sayingthat Helmut isn't able to find ways of living up to the chavs' demandsand so he keeps ong etting some more powefrul kicks and slaps.

The loser can't grasp that he is supposed to be licking the spit fromthe shoes, he just acts stupid and so he needs a few kicksand slaps to the face to bring him to his senses.

Humiliation with no quarter shown, coupled with farts, making the loserlook a total mug and spit sprad all over his face , that's what's onoffer from Master Black Nike and Master Eric in this hottest of clips.
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