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Incubus Part 1

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DescriptionIf anyone has part 2 please share it...

"Prepare for the most creatively shocking title of the year - TitanMen's Incubus. Fantasy and reality converge in this visual feast that marks the stunning Creative Director debut of François Sagat, who presents an artistic and hypnotic journey bursting with color, unforgettable imagery and pulsing cocks. Is it a dream or a night-terror? Take in the sensory overload of sight, sound and sex that is Incubus - and decide for yourself.

During a wild night of partying, François Sagat passes out on the dance floor and wakes up naked on a desert hillside. He stumbles back to the house from the previous night’s party and finds fellow muscle men Shay Michaels and a latexed Spencer Reed kissing as their boners throb. François inserts himself into the action, the two feasting on his dirty bod before he drops to his knees. Spit gobs fall to the floor as François deep-throats the strangers, with Spencer soon returning the favor. Shay and François piss on Spencer, the three soaked before François deep sucks them again. The three men cum, François licking his load off Spencer’s boot. Spencer then takes turn fucking the two men, snapping up François’ boner as he plows. François then rams the moaning Shay before Shay and Spencer take turns ramming François - who is soon coated in cum and piss.

Waking up from a night-terror, François spots two studs kissing poolside. The voyeur strokes his huge meat as he watches, his image captured in the water below. The camera frequently captures his smooth, muscular backside as the action plays out in the background. Ripped and tattooed Trenton Ducati takes turns slurping with dark-haired Jimmy Durano, their stunning bodies bathed in shadows and moonlight. Their massive boners finally burst, and the two share a kiss before silky-skinned Trenton bends over. Bracing himself against a tree, the handsome bottom gets his ass eaten and fucked "Slap it!" he demands as Jimmy smacks his muscular ass. François' wet body glistens as he watches Trenton getting fucked on his back, and soon the trio shoot their loads.

Attacked and thrown into the pool by his demonic twin, François is jacked off while being choked underwater. As he passes out he shoots a thick rope of cum underwater. He wakes up bound in rope and dangling from the ceiling, watching a cryptic message from a demon that looks just like him. Passing out again, he wakes up in the body of a confused Aymeric DeVille. He is freed by handsome Hunter Marx, whose hairy muscles burst out of a clinging yellow singlet as he slurps on Aymeric’s thick cock. A stroking Jessy Ares steps out of the dark behind them, also offering his dick to Hunter. Aymeric sucks both big dicks as the two kiss above him, Hunter snapping up his cock as he spits on it. Jessy whispers "Fuck your face!" as he fills Aymeric, whose shoulder grazes Hunter’s boner. After eating each other’s asses, the three suck some more and shoot their loads. Now on all fours, Aymeric gets stuffed deep at both ends as Hunter and Jessy take turns on his holes. Jessy cums again, leaving Aymeric to mount Hunter. The top plows him from below, Aymeric then telling him "I wanna see you cum!" They shoot their loads, while a mysterious montage closes out the visual feast as François' demonic self reappears."

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