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Bad Ass Club Inferno

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DescriptionScene 1:  James Aaron decides it’s easier to fix his hole than the engine in his beat-up old Porsche. He takes his flashlight and shoves it up his hole, oblivious that he’s asked Mason Garet to stop by and help him fix his engine. Mason catches James with the flashlight buried up his ass and moves in to help him really bury it deep. James rolls over on his back, whips out his hard cock, and beats it as Mason begins to stuff his hand in his loose hole. After some deep-probing, James stands up and puts Mason on the receiving end. Mason gets on all fours and hikes his hole straight up for some true punch-hole action. The two finish each other off in a 69 fist position until neither hole can take another second.

Scene 2:  Bad Ass Michael Brandon walks Evan Matthews on a chain like a dog. He pours some beer in a dish for Matthews who slurps it up then opens his throat for Brandon’s legendary monster. Once hard, Brandon throws Matthews on his back and fucks him balls-deep, opening his hole for Brandon’s fist. Matthews obediently gets on all fours and Brandon wastes no time power-fisting him to the elbow. Matthews begs for more and rewards Brandon with a huge rosebud – who’s the Bad Ass now?

Scene 3:  Element Eclipse comes to work expecting another dull day in the garage but finds his coworker Jonathan Doe chained up, wearing a hood, and fucking himself with a butt-plug. Element steps right up to the job and pulls out his 11-incher to plow Doe’s hole. Element’s huge cock gets Jonathan ready for more intense assplay so Element goes to the power tools. He pulls out a hand-held electric saw with a dildo on the end and literally power-fucks the hooded ass-pig. Still begging for more, Doe opens his hole to Element’s fist and swallows it whole. Element fist-fucks him hard and jacks off then rips off his greasy gloves and shoves them in the greedy bottom’s mouth.

Scene 4:  Michael Brandon comes home and catches Caedon Chase shoving a giant dildo deep in his hole. Michael’s pissed- he told Caedon to wait – so he flips the young stud over and fucks his ass hard. After a good ride on the ‘monster’ Caedon’s ready for some fisting action. Michael pulls on the latex gloves and before you know it he’s got both greased-up paws in Caedon’s ass! The more he punch-fucks him the harder his dick gets and he needs to get off. Michael shoves his gloves in Caedon’s mouth and jacks off, blowing a bad ass load in his face.

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