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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-12 |
Blowin' Da Boyz 3

Sneek Peed Productions


Vinnie Russo

The str8 boyz in the Sneek Peek posse know that when their girlfriends give'em grief or they've just been released from OZ, they can come to Vinnie's crib for some TLC. Volume 3 features more busted nuts from your favorite performers: PAULIE knows the routine now and gives me a helping hand, MARSHALL has discovered he likes getting his cock sucked, ENRIQUE puts his monster cock and warm mouth to good use, and JEDI revels in a little bit of butt play... 9 scenes filled with lots of sexy conversation, deep-down blowjobs, hot creamy loads and cum eating

This time around Paulie wants to watch a Jill Kelly movie while he lets me get him off. It doesn't take long for his cock to swell in my mouth so I know he's into it. When I pull out my own cock he goes down on me but he's not quite sure he likes it yet. I continue sucking his cock and as he moans and squirms on the bed he dumps his load down my throat.

After stripping down, Paulie gets his cock ready for my mouth then takes a cell phone call from his girlfriend while I'm blowing him! Soon I'm rubbing our slippery cocks together and when I scoot up on the sofa next to him, Paulie goes down on me. We cock-fight some more then as his girlfriend rings in again he busts a nut in my mouth

Marshall hasn't nutted in a couple days so when he shows up for a scheduled ''session'' he quickly gets into it. His cock grows hard as I suck it and it doesn't take long for Marshall to send his warm creamy load down my throat.

A week later Marshall drops by to watch a new porno and after dropping his pants he lets me service him. His cock is rock hard and throbs in my mouth as I continue to work it, and after taking him close to the edge several times Marshall delivers a high-flying load.

Already naked on the bed, Enrique quickly strokes up his monster. After I blow him for a while we start a cock fight and then he grabs my cock and starts to suck it. Enrique jerks my load onto his cock then (eating my own cum) I go back down on him. He starts to moan and blasts his load.

Enrique stops by for a quickie before his bus comes. He works the remote as I suck on his huge cock and in no time he blows a sticky wad on my lips and I eat it all up.

Jedi shows up late one night for a booty call. He quickly gets naked, sprawls on the bed and gets ready for some fun. When I begin sucking on his big chocolate stick, he gets totally into it and starts pushing my head all the way down on it. Jedi throws his legs back and I eat his ass and balls before he pumps my mouth full of his load.

Marshall hasn't nutted in a while so he pets my pussy and we head to the bedroom for a session. The pants come off and I go down on him. His cock gets real hard as I suck on it and he soon shoots another geiser load.

After settling in, Marshall zeros in on the porno flick for some inspiration as I lube his swelling cock. I begin deep-throating him and he loves the feeling as I bring him close to busting. Marshall finally spews his load on my lips and I swallow it down.
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