Male Masseur Fantasies (2016) ManRoyale

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5 scenes, with ManRoyale logo

Aaron Slate
Chad Hunter
Damon Archer
Jeremy Stevens (10s)
Presley Wright
Trenton Ducati
Tyler Morgan (10s)
Tyler Saint

His hands move over your body, soothing and teasing all at the same time! There's no hiding your excitement... or his!

1 Tyler Morgan Jeremy Stevens 720p.mp4 (also known as Sore and Loving It)

2 Manly Permissions - Presley Wright Tyler Saint 1080p.mp4

3 Trenton Ducati Pumps Damon Archer 1080p.mp4

4 A Hard Rub - Tyler Saint Chad Hunter 1080p.mp4

5 Afternoon Rubdown - Tyler Saint Aaron Slate 1080p.mp4
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