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RandyBlue – Randy Dixon Breeds Kyle Moore in The Silent Treatment

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Description“Baby I’m sorry.” Randy pleaded. Kyle said nothing but kept reading his book in bed. Randy had to try a new tactic to get Kyle to stop being mad at him. This silent treatment was driving Randy mad. He put his hand on the fur on Kyle’s chest and rubbed his nipple. “I know how to get you to talk to me…” But Kyle was not having it. He threw his arm away from him. Randy realized that Kyle was acting like a brat and if he wanted to get Kyle’s attention he was going to have to do it by force. He threw the book to the floor and straddled Kyle, pinning his arms behind him. “Cut the shit!” Kyle yelled. “Oh now you’re talking” Randy retorted in an evil villain voice. But the more Kyle struggled, the harder his dick got. “You’re dick doesn’t want me to stop.” Randy teased. And as he pulled out Kyle’s thick dick from his underwear, he kept holding Kyle’s hands down. He sucks Kyle off before finally releasing his grip. Kyle got up and said that he was still mad at him. Randy was hard as a rock and didn’t care. He pinned Kyle to the floor and face fucked him. After some rimming, Kyle began to beg to be fucked. This is exactly where Randy wanted him. He finally got Kyle to forgive him. And as a reward, he barebacked Kyle in one of the roughest fucks ever at Randy Blue. They fucked and fucked passionately until finally Kyle busted all over himself. Randy soon followed shooting his first squirt of cum inside of Kyle and pulling out while ribbons of cum shot out of dick and onto Kyle’s hole. If only all fights could end like this.
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