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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-17 |
Another very rare First Class Male video (note the lack of info this time) from Radioflyer410 that he ripped from VHS and had me turn to an AVI for easy viewing.

I am forever in his debt.

(Sadly I have been informed that unless he can recover the last of the DVDs made from the VHS tapes, this may be the last Peter Hunter Video for quite a while.)

Now comes the best part!
Mark, better known here as mcondor has taken this a step further and done his own "magick".

He had noticed that the audio was ever so slightly out of sync.
The voices did not exactly match the lip movements.
A good example of this is  the Bewitched episode "Out of sync, Out of Mind"

The volume was also quite low.

He also:
Trimmed the VHS noise from the edges.

Resized the video back to 640x480 to make up for the trim, while preserving aspect ratio.

Did a minor brightness/contrast nudge.

Attempted to minimize the 60Hz hum and high frequency hiss that became annoying when I increased the volume levels, while not degrading the program audio

After being "condorized" the choice was easy!
Out with mine, in with his.

The frame rate has also been doubled so it plays smoother, but did not cause the file to double in kind.

Between the 3 of us, we could start up a new business, lol!

This creation of Peter is now one of my favorites too!

Ty, the one recently added to my "Favorites Wish-List" is on here too!

I would watch him even if he were only brushing his teeth!


Then I should not be surprised either as my old long lost friend Peter Hunter (I still miss him!) always knew how to pick them.

I have yet to see even one of his choice picks that I would kick out of bed.

Man of you will recognize four of these twink angels from another post of mine, "By Myself" where they did primarily solos.

For those who missed that one, it is posted at this site here:

If you would like a little preview streamed from my own site, you can view it here (sorry but it was made from my version):

The cover you see however was all my own creation.
For Pete, an old friend who is now gone... ANYTHING!
I still miss him. :-(

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!)



Kissing Cousins [First Class Male-Peter Hunter]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/FirstClassMaleSummary.html (index only)
hxxp://www.alanevideo.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3165 (index only)


These boys relate to each other in more than one way.
"We did save the best for last and here it is" - Peter Hunter


Scene 1. Ty fucks Christopher while Jason watches, stroking himself.

Scene 2. Jason fucks Buzzy.

Scene 3. Ty fucks Sean.

Scene 4. Jason fucks Christopher

Stars: Buzzy, Christopher, Jason, Sean Cannon (Matthew Windsor), Ty

Director and Producer: Peter Hunter

Assistant Director: Rick Warner

Writer: Peter Hunter

Editors: Peter Hunter, William Martin

Cameramen: Peter Hunter, William Martin, K.J. Blakk

Released: c1989


File name: Kissing Cousins.avi
File size: 1.21 GB
Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 1:28:39
Audio bit rate: 128 kbs
Frame rate: 59.94 fps
Video data rate: 1911 kbs
Format: XVID-MPEG-4
Added2015-02-27 15:49:05
Size1.40 GB (1,499,496,860 bytes)
Num files143 files