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Louis is now completely at our mercy. His vulnerable arse is raised in
the air, spread wide open, and we waste no time in shoving our fingers
in, feeling how tight he is, giving him a taste of how he's about to suffer.
We want this straight boy impaled at both ends, full of cock in his most
intimate holes.

I force Louis to open his mouth to suck the fucking machine cock in front
of him, and he reluctantly swallows it in, gagging as the hard dildo fills
his mouth. His face burns with humiliation at the degrading task of
pleasuring a plastic dong.
To make sure the cunt doesn't wriggle around, I attach vicious clips to
his foreskin and tie them to his own leg straps. Just my own nasty little

When his mouth is working good and hard, learning how to suck a dick,
I grab my handheld fucking machine drilldo and ram it deep into his
arsehole. As I turn it up, faster and faster, Louis' moans become more
urgent. His entire body vibrates with agonised tension as the intrusive
pounding dildo stretches his hole open in every direction.
Stan picks up a riding crop and begins beating his muscular round arse,
each hard stroke leaving a vivid red welt on Louis' sexy cheeks. In ever
increasing amounts of pain, Louis takes his mouth off the dildo to beg us
for mercy, but this just earns him an even harder thrashing.

After a brutal hand spanking from Stan, I continue to tear up Louis' hole
with the machine while Stan wields the ultimate punishment implement -
the cane. Each painful stroke brings Louis to a new level of torture - the
drilldo banging in and out of his sore arse as his cheeks burn with agony
from the caning.

Once a celebrity TV star, Louis is now no more than a trained, tortured
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