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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-21 by unknown |

My own rip.
Sorry, no nudity here, but the young guys (Twinkies) are hot and get into some real sweaty action.

For those into this type of vid like me, ENJOY!


Chesko and Basti talk about a free-fight movie they lately watched on TV. Chesko feels like fighting again and asks Basti if he knows a good location to fight in. It comes to Bastis mind to brake into an abandoned appartment. Quickly they get to pit their strengths against one another. Both are well trained and show everything they’ve got. Bastis and Cheskos fighting specialty is leg scissors. Both guys try to force the other one down with his strong legs. But the two agile and ambitious fighters come up with even more tricks to knock their opponent out.

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