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Marc has recently added weightlifting to his athletic endeavors. Distracted during his gym workout, Marc comes to the office complaining of a lower back injury that he experienced. After discussing with him how the injury occurred, I suggest that he remove his clothing and allow me to examine him. Marc shucks his workout shirt and shorts leaving just his jockstrap which clings to his body like a second skin.

As I noted at his previous exam, Marc has only developed a sparse amount of hair on his pectorals, tiny wisps of hair surround each nipple, but has extremely hairy legs in contrast to the rest of his body. His pubic area is shaved but in typical straight boy fashion, he kept his buttocks and the crevice separating them completely natural and clogged with dark course hair. After a cursory examination of his upper body using a stethoscope, I began to palpate his chest and abdomen. As his jockstrap still covers his pubic area, I suggest that it should be pulled down a bit to permit examination. At half mast now, I examine his reproductive organs and at the onset, all appear to be undamaged from his gym mishap. Removing the jock, I check his genitals again while he stood at the end of the table, just to be sure.

Continuing with the massage therapy on his lower abdominal region now, I liberally apply the aloe vera gel from his neck to his naval. The gel nourishes his skin as it applies a shine to his firm pectorals. Inching my way down his body, I started to devote more attention to area just below his naval. My palms bump against the base of his flaccid penis. Applying more gel now, I liberally coat his penis and scrotum with the slippery potion and in the process of doing so, I begin to masturbate the supine patient. Seeking relief from all that ails him, Marc¡¦s penis begins to lengthen and thicken at my touch.

I continue to masturbate Marc as his penis becomes more and more rigid. His breathing pattern has changed from a labored pain induced rhythm to one of guttural exhilaration. I continue for a bit longer, pushing Marc closer to the edge before I suggests that he assume masturbation duties. His takes up the stroking and his breathing changes again as he ejaculates a few moments later.
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