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MBZ - Elder Ricci - Second Anointing

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Description - Elder Ricci has just been ordained by Bishop Angus, and his journey toward the inner sanctum of The Order is nearing the end.
The well hung initiate can still sense the cum that Bishop Angus wiped across his face with his thick, powerful hands. He feels, in many ways, like a new person.
In the past, Ricci had many doubts about what his body would need to experience if he were to join The Order.
It took the seductive Elder Sorensen, his boyish good looks, and his firm ass to convince him to continue on the path. But now, he is so glad that he has.
After Bishop Angus filled his hole with his thick shaft, ushering him in as a permanent member of the sacred sexual cult, Ricci feels a new confidence surging through his wiry body. He is a boy becoming a man.
The Brethren are pleased with his progress and they want to bring him further into the fold. Ricci is summoned to the Temple for his second anointing.
The straight laced boy is both nervous and excited. He knows this ritual will bring him even more power and access to young boys and their hot bodies, but he doesn’t know exactly what this ordinance entails.
When Ricci enters the brightly lit room where he as been instructed to wait, he sees, to his delight, Brother Johnson. The dreamy blond has brough him through so many important steps in his initiation.
Ricci, remembers fondly how Brother Johnson first discovered Elder Ricci and Elder Lindsay fooling around and decided that they were both worthy of so much more than just tasting each other’s cocks.
He also remembers the man’s hard, strong hands holding his hips firm as he thrust his pulsing member inside the boy during his atonement. It was one of the first times Elder Ricci had been penetrated, and the deep pleasure and pain he felt during that moment is something he’ll never forget.
Brother Johnson smiles warmly and asks Elder Ricci for the new name. Ricci gives it to him, just as he had practiced several times in the mirror the night before. Then Johnson pulls the boy in for a kiss.
Elder Ricci, feels his dick start to swell as the man’s thick, sweet lips press against his. Johnson slowly undresses the boy and then has him sit upon the sacred table in front of them. To Elder Ricci’s surprise, Johnson starts anointing the boy’s feet with oil. Ricci is so honored by this display and he wants to please the man in return. He is so grateful to Brother Johnson and so entranced by his strength and his warm, confident touch.
Johnson continues to run his hands all over the young boy’s body. Ricci moans as Johnson wraps his fingers around the boys cock and begins to stroke. Johnson knows just how to tease the boy’s dick, to make him rock hard.
Johnson slowly starts to undress, revealing his chiseled biceps and his tan, muscular thighs. While still in his sacred underwear, he orders Ricci up onto all fours and thrusts against him. Ricci can feel the man’s swelling cock pressing between his cheeks.
Elder Ricci wants to beg the man for more, but he tries to be patient. He knows that soon enough he’ll get to taste the man’s long powerful shaft and, hopefully, feel it slip deep inside him.                       

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