[Defiant Boyz] Adam the Solo Release

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Adam: The Solo Release, from Defiant Productions, stars an attractive young skater named Adam who has an affection for jerking on his 18-year-old cock. This video features Adam in several different scenes as he skateboards around the city, strips off his clothes, tugs on his delicious cock, shoves a dildo up his incredibly tight, hot ass, and eats his own cum. Adam hungrily licks the sweet boy-juice from his fingers, as if he needs it for an energy boost for his daring skateboarding feats.

Adam sprays cum up past his head, launches loads that plaster his eye shut, and makes such a mess that he has no choice but to take a shower. Yes, you get to watch him scrub his young hard body clean. With his skateboard right by his side, this young street surfer wastes no time in pulling down his jeans and pulling out his rock hard dick from his checkered boxers.

You might be shocked when Adam grabs a dildo, raises his legs into the air, and shoves it up his ass. (You have to watch out for those quiet ones!) Adam pushes that dildo in deep and wants it to go even deeper. After stroking himself into a fever, he shoots half-a-dozen over-the-shoulder cum blasts, and then licks his fingers clean!

You get to watch him do skateboarding tricks during a hot afternoon with his shirt off, and then, when he's tired of that, and is really horny, you get to watch him skate off to a public restroom where he takes advantage of one of the big public stalls. This guy just loves jerking off.

Some of the jerk off scenes in this video are also available on other videos from Defiant Productions, but there are also scenes that can only be found here. It's a definite "must have" for your collection of young straight skateboarders.
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