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Yes, you correctly guess by the topic above that Richie Fine is the reason to have this vid. Why else? What a stunning cover pic. Richie is one of the models I've been stockpiling since about 2003. He's young enough, but the twinklover in me wants to find him younger so that he's not quite as hunky. To that end I think this is the oldest movie I have of him, made in 1997.

It was sorta funny that Richie was being so whiney and submissive in the first scene and then suddenly was banging his boyfriend, making him the submissive one. It's a porno with a plot, and some good lighting and quality recording equipment was used.

Anywho, enjoy.

MP4 format. My first encoding using Ultra Video Joiner, so I am hoping it goes well.

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From tlavideo:

All star studs give new meaning to the words 'fatal beauty'! Featuring that piece of trade with the amazing slurpably smooth and huge nipples, Richie Fine (seen here on the cover with those tighty-whiteys getting stretched out of shape due to this thick one). Hard-on time here!
-Keeneye Reeves

    * Bulging briefs
    * Richie Fine's tasty nips
    * Nine ripped hotties from the 1990s

1997, approx. 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Studio 2000

Cast:  Richie Fine, Drew Andrews, Rod Barry, Casey Morgan, Michael Rivera, Chris Rock, Troy Ryder, Sandy Sloane, Aaron Wilde

Director:  Derek Kent



Romance gone haywire, with a twist. Body Beautiful Fine, blond, perfect tits, nice cock, big loads, has to beg boyfriend/keeper Rock, dark hair, nice body, attitude, to have sex with him in the morning. (He wouldn't have to beg for anything from me.) Later, Rock brings home a new find, Barry, who has even more attitude. Friends of Fine take him to a psychic, Ryder, who reads his cards and future. Ryder then takes on his own butler, Andrews, and Fines friends Rivera and Wilde, in an orgiastic four way in the parlor, with all four dropping good loads. Fine lets in a stranded motorist, Sloane, then they have a good long talk on the patio. Fine discovers Barry and his friend, Morgan, out by the pool. They move into the bedroom, with Barry on top. Rock admits he made a mistake taking in Barry, but Fine has finally had enough and moves out. He drives out to Sloane's ranch, where a new romance blossoms on the haystack. Sloane, tall, slender, blond buzz cut, with a cute gap between front teeth, makes Fine feel right at home. Sloane drops a good load while getting fucked, with the camera behind him between his legs. Fine gushes a second huge load, before both collapse on the hay. Nicely shot, great sound, plentiful dialogue and decent acting by most of the cast and nice sets. Newcomer Sloane is worth keeping an eye out for. The only drawback is the five minutes of phone sex ads before the movie.
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