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"Hot Wired 1" (1998)

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Description"Hot Wired: Viewers' Choice" is supposedly the result of fan input, putting together all of our favorites as we have communicated them to Falcon -- according to Kevin Williams, whose brief narration introduces each segment. Kevin advises us that he's "thankful" to be part of this delightful process. After explaining that this video is the result of fan letters and e-mails, he states: "The four scenes are as follows." Kind of businesslike, aren't you, Mr. Williams?
Scene one opens in a fancy public restroom with Jake Andrews giving Mike Branson's Midwestern salami a great blowjob. Jake is one of the all-time great cocksuckers, and he gives Mike his undivided attention, deep-throating and slurping it down every which way. Mike is appropriately ecstatic. Über-twink Brennan Foster, distracted from his urination by all the nearby activity, settles down on the john for a peek, pulling out his pee-pee. Suddenly, a hand reaches under the stall and grabs his foot! He squeals, but it's too late -- he's captured! The two studs drag him under the stall to join them. [An aside: you think this doesn't happen? Let us relate a story. An Imperial acquaintance was investigating an adult arcade back in days of yore (when such places had glory holes) for the first time. Watching a movie, he was startled by a hand groping through the glory hole. He jumped up and bolted out of the booth, inadvertently breaking the interloper's arm. Let that be a lesson to you.] Mike orders Brennan to watch, but THAT doesn't last long. Brennan soon joins Jake for some delicious double-sucking of Mike, then Jake sucks both. The contrast between Mike's thick brown dick and Brennan's small pink one is rather exciting, especially when both are in Jake's mouth at once. Suddenly Jake assumes the position, and twink Brennan is fucking him with his perky dick. Mike, meanwhile, sits under Jake and sucks Jake's bullet-shaped cock. It's quite appealing to see hunky Mike with his mouth full. Brennan sits ever-so-slowly on Mike's big one. It's nice to see someone having a little trouble taking it, but it was evidently worth the effort, since the expression of ecstasy on Brennan's face is quite convincing. Brennan never once loses his erection, and cums with Mike fucking him. Jake takes a ride on the Branson Roller Coaster, then he and Mike both cum.
Next, Kevin announces that he is in the next scene, with Tom Chase. Tom joins Kevin in a nice Jacuzzi in a lovely yard somewhere. Kevin looks, in our Imperial opinion, even better than when he was a little twink. He has a sort of straight yuppie look -- if he was wearing clothes, they'd be Dockers. Kevin wants to know how big Tom's legendary wanker really is. "How big do you think?" Tom asks. Kevin's guesses begin to sound like an auction. "Eight?" "Ten?" A deal is struck: Tom will show his weenie if Kevin lets him see his pretty ass. Before you can say, "Drop your drawers," Kevin is sucking Tom's reliable slab of cock. Tom soon turns his attention to Kevin's irresistible ass, and the inevitable fucking follows. Tom Chase is probably one of the best tops Falcon has ever discovered, and he always seems to be giving his partners his undivided attention -- his dick is enormous and always hard, and he really is into his partner's bodies, wrapping himself around them while he's fucking them. He throws a really hard fuck into Kevin, who never loses his own erection. Tom suddenly stops to grab a couple of gigantic black dildos which just happen to be nearby (pretty strange lawn ornaments). He tosses them in the Jacuzzi (for a pre-soak?), and then Kevin tries them out. Stretched to the limit, Kevin is still hard, and he cums while sitting on one of them. Tom soon follows (though not while sitting on a black fireplug).
Somewhere nearby (well, it looks like the side of a pool) Johnny Rider is blowing Addison Scott. Johnny's resemblance to super-bottom Chris Burns is uncanny, both in the way he looks and in the way he can take objects the size of washing machines up his ass. Addison has no body fat, just lean, sinewy muscle. And a shaved head. This being Johnny, it's now toy time. Addison crams all five balls of one of those five-ball rubber thingies up Johnny's posterior. Then he grabs some weird apparatus that looks as if it would be used by Roto-Rooter for cleaning pipes -- it's like three buttplugs joined tip to base. Next he uses a HUGE strap-on (with a fashionably color-coordinated Speedo) and fucks Johnny. We confess we've never seen a strap-on used in a gay film; it's actually rather exciting, sort of like seeing a Tom of Finland cartoon come to life. As if this isn't enough, Johnny gets fisted. He takes Addison's arm almost to the elbow, and then gets most of two hands at once. Addison cums (no climax for Johnny).
In the final scene, Brennan is back (from the restroom, we suppose) in his office job where he's making a personal phone call telling a friend about cute Gregor Yelson, the water bottle delivery boy. Suddenly he imagines Gregor nude, water bottle over his shoulder, grinning vapidly at him. He starts to tell his friend about his hallucination, and then suddenly Gregor pops up from beneath his desk! Just like a mermaid. In no time Brennan is nude and the two exchange blowjobs (Gregor is lucky enough to be sucked sitting in the comfy desk chair). Gregor rims and then fucks Brennan, right on the desk. Is that a Blorpfliimsk desk unit from Ikea? No, wait -- if it's able to withstand two fucking studs, it must be real wood. Speaking of wood, Brennan stays hard throughout (he has the most reliable erection we've seen in ages) then fucks Gregor missionary. His dick is so hard that it pops up vertically as he withdraws from Gregor's hole. We confess that we had almost forgotten what it looked like to see a normal-sized dick in an asshole. It's a nice change of pace. Gregor then jacks Brennan to a noisy climax while Brennan sits in his lap. Gregor takes his turn to squirt, then vanishes into thin air. Brennan wastes no time closing the door. Some hallucination, huh?
This was another fine Falcon product that features many of their most popular exclusives in one video. Production values and sexual performances were excellent, as usual. The highlight of "Hot Wired: Viewrs' Choice" is definitely Tom Chase fucking Kevin Williams. Both guys seem very into each other and put on a fine performance. (Kevin, you can put your Dockers back on now.)
The DVD is digitally remastered with a full-motion chapter index.

Addison Scott 
Brennan Foster 
Gregor Yelson 
Jake Andrews (90s) 
Johnny Rider 
Kevin Williams 
Mike Branson 
Tom Chase

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