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BG East Wrestling Christian Taylor vs Skip Vance

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DescriptionChristian Taylor can't quite believe his eyes when Skip Vance strides into the BG East matroom. Skip has been complaining that he doesn't get the respect he deserves. Even The Boss has started calling him "Little Skippy," merely the latest in a series of diminutive, insulting nicknames that have been getting underneath the cute lightweight's skin. But here he walks in, wearing provocative tighty-whities with cartoon caricatures of his favorite classic pro wrestlers printed in primary colors right across his tight round ass. For someone grousing about not being taken seriously, Skip has some some big ass balls!

"Are you kidding me?" Christian asks incredulously, stifling a chuckle. "You're going to wrestle in those!?" The tall beauty chortles. "It doesn't take these to win," Skip says with a wide grin, tugging at the front of his underwear. Instantly, the sexiness is dialed up, as Christian gives his opponent a lingering look up and down his lean, muscled body.

"All right!" Christian says with a smirk. "Bring it on, little man. Let's see what you're made of!" Christian can back up the "little man" insult, considering he stands about a half a foot taller and 35 pounds heavier than Skip. He's has faced much bigger wrestlers with much more impressive wrestling resumes than Skip Vance. It's not that Skip can't wrestle. Far from it, in fact. He usually holds his own and even manages to climb on top of bigger opponents to deliver some surprisingly dominating moments of humiliation. But Skip's win-loss record belies his mat savvy, speed and tenacity. Christian is confident that he'll join the swelling ranks of BG East wrestlers who've come out on top of "Little Skippy."

Ten seconds after they lock up, however, Christian is grimacing in pain as Skip squeezes him in a lung-crushing body scissors, bridging his long, lean defined body high off the mat. "You like that, little man..." Skip snarls. When Christian capitalizes on his size advantage to muscle Skip into a single leg boston crab, Skip quickly knocks his bigger opponent off balance and like lightning slaps Christian into a neck-wrenching full nelson. "Who's my bitch now!?" Skip crows into Christian's ear with his syrupy Southern drawl. "Little Skippy" looks like he's had enough of getting battered, beaten, and taken for granted!

With Christian's depth of wrestling experience, however, you can do a lot with a half a foot of height advantage over your opponent. He earns his freedom by bridging his long, lean body high off the mat and dropping it down, crushing Skip's crotch underneath. Reversing the advantage, Christian locks him up in the very same full nelson and body scissors with which Skip had only moments ago been dominating Christian. With legs for days, Christian adds insult to injury by driving his heels into Skip's stretched out abs. Twisting the smaller man savagely, he eventually wrings a first fall submission out of Skip.

This early set-back submission serves only to enrage young Skip that much more. Determined to make Christian pay for every withering insult and domineering, dismissive gloat, he works his opponent's long body into a spread-eagled schoolboy pin spreading his long legs wide apart. He rubs his crotch against Christian's chin as the big man groans in frustration and pain. "What do ya think now?" Skip snarls. "Now look at my underwear!" Swiveling his hips, he presses his balls back and forth across Christian's mouth. "Which one do you want? They're going to be in your face by the end of the match, you bitch!"

It's slowly dawning on Christian that he's got a tiger by the tail. Whatever his reputation, Skip proves that he can make the big man pay for every single lapse in concentration. Any limb that Christian doesn't quite lock up tightly enough, the feisty, wiry lightweight Skip uses to throttle, crush and pummel his way back on top. Even when suspended upside down in the tall guy's standing head scissors and reverse upside down bearhug, Skip clamps his own whipcord thighs around Christian's ears to bring the big man to his knees.

Rolling Christian's 6'3" frame up tightly, Skip locks on an ass-ripping spladle that leaves his opponent gasping in agony and shock. The years of resentment at being bullied come boiling over. Skip slaps Christian's face and pulls his hair, just to prove the point that he can do whatever he wants to the bigger guy. Christian's hamstrings quiver in Skip's ruthless stretching embrace. When Christian's mouth gapes open in a silent scream of pain, Skip plants a humiliating kiss across his lips, but it's not love. It's ownership.
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