SG - Alejandro and Max

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Max Schutler starts kissing Alejandro in front of the dining room table. He's then quick into Alejandro's pants. Max is mesmerized by the thick dick and works his big head and the shaft down to the balls, taking time aside to pull and tug gently at the foreskin. Alejandro stands tall and muscley the light hair on his chest catches the sweat as max milks him with his mouth. Max gets a chance to dive into Alejandro's ass, pulling apart his cheeks and working deep into Alejandro's pink butthole. Alejandro then takes the opportunity and pops his fat dickhead inside Max. The two hot men work up a sweat as Alejandro's balls bang against Max's ass. Max lies back for more dick and Alejandro supplies, pushing every inch deep between Max's butt-cheeks.

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2010-07-25 12:56:52
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